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23 store management software connected to the Eyes-Road platform

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In 2015, the store management software occupies a prominent position in an optical point of sale.

Tool appreciated or badly needed, IT is present on almost all sales tables. An evolution that has not gone smoothly for many opticians. Some, unconvinced of the need for computerization, use only a tiny fraction of software capabilities. On the other hand, for many, this tool allows a significant saving of time that they devote to their customers ( see the testimony of Vincent Collin , optician in Lyon).

Some connected features

● Recovery and integration of electronic catalogs,
● Sending orders and receiving delivery notes in EDI,
● Inventory management in interaction with its suppliers,
● Direct teletransmission to compulsory and complementary schemes,
● Management in multi-store mode.

List of French publishers and their store management software (s) connected to the Eyes-Road platform

2ABL (AlphaVision),
● Atol (Atolsoft),
CIA (OptikLeader),
Cosium (Cosium Optic),
Reflex Group (Crystalline, Irris, MyEasyOptic, WinOptics),
IDM (ProOptic),
Juxta (PVO, Syotos),
● Krys Group (LG3, Konvergence),
Ocuco (Acuitas, Lio / Lio II),
OPTIMUM CIT (Optimum Classic, Optimum Live),
OptoJet (OptoJet),
Polylogic (Optimag),
● SOGESA (Opium),
VerticalOptic (IvoirNet),
● Vision Services (IGEO),
● VR Soft (VR Soft).