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Industrial: 3 good reasons to create your label of opticians

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After having chosen an ophthalmologist and before being confronted with the choice of his glasses, the client must choose his optician ! If some consumers have their habits, others may find themselves confused in a highly competitive market: how do they choose then? While some levers seem obvious to win their membership , advertising campaigns and promotional policies in mind, few promote quality. And if a label of opticians could mitigate that?

The appropriate example to illustrate the label is that of our member Essilor : Optician Committed . The manufacturer has created this one in a constant step of innovation of products and services to answer this lack. It allows the consumer to navigate by promoting a network of opticians meeting specific quality criteria .

A label of opticians to stand out


Elected Product of the Year, Fair Trade, Made in France … whether private or public, the labels challenge and can make the difference between two products or two businesses. The Optician Committed is recognizable at first glance and this from his door step thanks to the sticker affixed to the door. The identification continues inside the store via a dedicated charter. Opticians labeled Optician Engaged can also have access to a complete communication device. It includes a connected digital totem and a movie, which they can broadcast in their stores. The curious consumer will not hesitate to carry out a research or to question the optician on this subject.

A label of opticians to value


Thanks to its label , Essilor guarantees to the consumer the professionalism of the optician regarding the choice offered in terms of glasses and glasses as well as the expertise of this one. Indeed, if a glass optimized for increased visual comfort and natural vision depend on the quality of the lenses chosen, the performance of the optician is also required. Also, the Optician Committed agrees to follow a continuous training which keeps it on the page of the latest innovations of the world of optics.

A label of opticians to reassure

The label of opticians reassures the consumer, assuring him in this case that the certified optician is attentive to his needs in order to meet his expectations and to fully satisfy him. Concretely, the glassmaker commits itself , as well as its certified opticians , to satisfy all the customers and all the needs, including the most complex ones. Products in the line, but not only: the tools and tools of the optician are also at the forefront , important criterion of the charter signed to obtain the label .

The label is the link between the manufacturer, the distributor and the consumer. Thanks to the latter, everyone is a winner: a reassuring benchmark for the consumer, a generator of adhesion for the optician, he also guarantees to the manufacturer that his products are put forward via a significant visibility. The track of the label is however not reserved for industrialists, when new labels , especially among artisans-eyewear?