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www.acuite.fr, "One year after its launch, Eyes-Road takes stock of the Sell-Out service"

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One year after its launch, Eyes-Road takes stock of the Sell-out service

Since 2002, the European Economic Interest Grouping Eyes-Road has set itself the task of facilitating electronic data interchange (EDI) between the various players in your sector.

Convinced of the need to optimize, organize and implement dematerialized documentary exchanges between manufacturers and distributors, the platform developed by Eyes-Road made it possible to ensure these transactions, in complete security.

During of the Silmo 2018, which took place from September 28 to October 1, the EEIG presented its results at a press conference.

Charmant / Eyes-Road press conference
11,000 opticians connected to the platform this year. Among them, 1/3 regularly download catalogs and place orders, 1/3 only consult the catalogs without placing an order and the last third does nothing ”, detailed Philippe Cellier, CEO of Eyes-Road, recalling that the main ambition of the EEIG is to develop the use of EDI.

The Director General also highlighted the advantage that the platform could represent at the dawn of the standardized estimate, by offering opticians product traceability.

Philippe Cellier has finally returned to the sell-out service which enables manufacturers to be informed of sales made by an optician. A service offered by Eyes-Road since last year and that the platform intends to develop. “ These exchanges of information make it possible to adapt products to the market. With this data, we have the opportunity to identify the most purchased models. It is a service which allows to optimize the productions of the suppliers and not to control the stocks of the opticians . ”

During this conference, 2 employees of the Charmant group were present to testify to their practice of sell-out. For Nicolas Riou, coordinator of the operational units, “ this service makes it possible to place orders quickly and securely because they pass directly from the manufacturer to the optician, which reduces entry errors ”. Laurent Boussion, sales director, specifies that at Charmant, automatic restocking constitutes 15% of the group's activity in France and that this concerns 650 to 700 points of sale.

Article published on www.acuite.fr October 12, 2018.

Press relations: Dominique Cattezd.cattez@eyes-road.com