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Hearing aids in store: how are we doing?

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March 10th was the 19th National Day of Hearing. The perfect opportunity to ask the question of extending the offer of its optical shop to hearing aids or not!

Hearing instruments have long been used in hearing-related brands, but in recent years this promising market has appeared in a number of optical shops. Market bearer that in view of the current demography will surely remain so long!

Expand your offer within your brand

Some have made this choice for a long time: this is the case of the Optical Center, which has been offering hearing aids since 1997. Today, this dual skill is valued and recognized, and opticians and hearing care professionals work together in the same shop.
This positioning makes it possible to offer customers combined offers , audio and optical.

Audio 2000 also offers a mixed offer, with hearing aids integrated into the glasses .
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Open to the hearing market without mixing it with optics

This is the case of Alain Afflelou who, by opening up to the hearing market in 2011, launched a new brand "Alain Afflelou accousticien" and opens new centers dedicated to hearing , out of these optical shops. There were about a hundred of them in 2014.
This course crossed more recently was done with the addition of a price war in passing, with the transposition of its famous formula Tchin-tchin to hearing aids!


Others decided to do both, like Krys who launched Krys Audition in 2014. The brand offers both centers dedicated to the hearing aid but also corners for hearing aids in the shops of optics.

Even if the cases presented in the article illustrate the opening of offer to the hearing aids by big marks of optics, this enrichment of the offer is not reserved for them . Such a market, very buoyant, can be approached by all, small and independent included.
It is enough here, as for the optics, to privilege the quality!