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Opticians: 3 mobile applications to advise your customers

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Imagine mobile apps that can improve visual comfort and sometimes even vision. Incredible, is not it? However, there are already dozens on the download platforms of our smartphones. Opticians, have you ever thought of advising them to your customers? To help you see more clearly, we give you our favorites!

Medical applications: a booming model

French people spend more and more time on their smartphones . Logic, therefore, that more and more mobile applications of all kinds are developing. Games, social networks, mailboxes: most of us consult them daily on their smartphone. But there are also medical applications , whose purpose is to make life easier for people suffering from certain pathologies , especially those of the eye: presbyopia , myopia , visual fatigue , etc. Thanks to simple and regular exercises, these applications propose to improve the vision , to limit the numerical fatigue , or even, eventually, to correct certain pathologies. As an optician , it may be advisable for you to advise some of your clients, to make their daily life easier!

medical mobile applications

Note that other pathologies are concerned by the boom of these medical mobile applications . For people with diabetes, for example, there are many. These include My Glucocounter and Gluci-Check , among the most downloaded. Their function? Allow patients to better control their blood glucose levels and better organize their meals.

Our 3 favorite mobile applications

Among the dozens of mobile applications targeting vision pathologies , here are the three that we suggest you give to your customers as a priority:

medical mobile apps

GlassesOff : This app targets people with presbyopes . The concept ? Allow them, thanks to small weekly exercises, to improve their brain plasticity , in order to preserve their visual abilities in the long term. In some cases, GlassesOff could even correct presbyopia !

Ultimeyes : the concept of this application is close to that of GlassesOff, with one exception. Ultimeyes does not target presbyopes, but anyone who wants to improve his vision , especially athletes. If your clients play sports, it may be a good idea to suggest them! Ultimeyes' results are convincing, as the 19 baseball players who tested her could improve their vision by an average of 31%.

medical mobile applications

Blue light filter : There are also mobile apps that help fight digital fatigue . This is the case of Blue Light Filter, which allows you to adjust the light of your screen and switch it to "Night" mode. That way, your customers' eyes will be refreshed and their sleep will be lighter!

Are you thinking of advising mobile apps to your customers? 😉