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Art'Monium joins Eyes-Road EEIG

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Art'Monium is an Optical Art Gallery! A traveling gallery that exposes its young creators of eyeglass frames to opticians selected for their love of the beautiful eyewear trade. Philippe Vinet, its creator, made his optical optics debut in 1983 with the Diloptic-Vendôme Company. At that time, as an economist and jurist, he entered it to provide financial management, but soon fell in love with this profession, in all its aspects, including creation, manufacturing and marketing.

a product innovator at the forefront of trends, Philippe Vinet develops a philosophy that has remained intact today: each of the brands he distributes is a favorite, a personal attachment to products and their designer, whom he wishes to transmit with the same vigor to opticians and, finally, to spectacle wearers. Art'Monium could thus be compared to a "base of launching", on the lookout for the thunderbolts, and this in a logic of transmission.

The birth of the concept Art'Monium dates from 1990, when Philippe Vinet decides to specialize in the "creative" sector being born, he develops an innovative strategy on the market: since the glasses available in store are mostly very classic, why not offer another style, differentiator, colorful, in a word affirmed, and above all, live and share a great love story for our job?

The concept of "Gallery of Optical Art" is born when he chooses to share his love at first sight with the opticians in launching creators and brands unknown to the general public, mainly of German origin, with an innovative look and feel: Chai, Maske, Sabahn, Tatoo, RK Design, Harry Rebholz, Ars Vivendi, Locco, Imago, Ogami, Eric Jean, Claudio the Viola, Maxim's e t, of course, his own creations under his name "Philippe Vinet".

Today, after having launched many artisans and artists on the market, Art'Monium is mainly devoted to the brands of Philippe Vinet ( Art'Kentiel, Art'Monika and Sign'Art) as well as the creators of Kaos and La Matta for almost 20 years, Elisio Tessaro and Sylvia Paasch-Oberstein. And then we share two crushes for Genesis and One2One

Have a good visit in our Gallery, have a good trip in our philosophy of the telescope, good Art'Monie!