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Well Seen, "40% of glass orders go through EDI"

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95% of opticians are computerized, five million EDI transactions were recorded last year in France which concentrate 40% of glass orders. This is the first report drawn up by the EDI-Optique Association (Electronic Data Interchange), which is currently conducting a survey among the various market players to situate the use of EDI and its evolution.

If the conclusions of the study will be unveiled at the end of April, the first results are encouraging, including 13 stores audited. In addition, 44 companies in the sector (glassmakers, eyewear, contact laboratories, software publishers, signs and power stations) responded to the questionnaire. It shows that,

• 25% of opticians spend daily electronic orders of glasses, a doubling in 4 years,
• 80% of opticians use electronic catalogs distributed by glassmakers, [= ] • 22 glassmakers have developed a glass catalog for the 2nd pair,
• 85% of group orders at their centralized workshops go through EDI,
• 26 payment centers use EDI-Optique standards,
• Between 70% and 100% of the invoices received by the plants are electronic,
• 90 suppliers (eyewear, glass and contactology laboratories) have adopted EDI-Optics standards,
• 5 contactology laboratories have deployed a catalog electronics,
• About 400 opticians place electronic contact lens orders,
• About 45% of opticians order via websites

" These results show the actual evolution of the use of EDI and promise an aven I am in favor of its deployment, "says Jean-Gabriel Josse, President of the EDI-Optique Association.

Article published in Bien Vu in March 2009.