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Well Seen, "Eyes-Road: 630 catalogs and 9,800 opticians users"

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Well Seen, "Eyes-Road: 630 catalogs and 9,800 opticians users" Article published on page 48 of Bien Vu from July / August 2016.

The EEIG Eyes-Road continues to evolve and adapt its offer to mobilize industrialists and opticians around EDI. Today, it offers the solution "Freedom" that allows suppliers to distribute free four catalogs per year in the correct format and allows the taking of orders or sales information quickly. It is available in "Liberté +" for a catalog distribution and reception of orders without limit of number, under tariff conditions "perfectly studied", specifies the EEIG. Six months after the launch of these two offers, 80% of the manufacturers solicited have contracted one or the other. More than 630 catalogs are now available on the Eyes-Road platform. Lastly, since 2014, the EEIG has been offering "Autonomy" a completely free service for all opticians, via their point-of-sale management software. They can thus consult the standardized catalogs and upload their orders, while being informed in real time of the availability of new content. A success since today, 9,800 opticians are connected to the IDDIC platform and one in two downloads the catalogs, 35% more than in 2015. Eyes-Road also continues its training work in the form of "webinar" free of charge and accessible online.

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