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Well Seen, "Eyes-Road: 7.5 million transactions"

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Well Seen, "Eyes-Road: 7.5 million transactions" Article published on page 40 of Bien Vu of December 2015.

" Today 20% of the manufacturers who represent 80% of the market have joined us, the idea is to bring together all the manufacturers, " notes Philippe Cellier, DGD of Eyes-Road.

The community of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) users is expanding. Since launching the "Autonomy" offer in 2014, the Eyes-Road platform has registered the entry of 780 additional opticians. All opticians from their store, via their management software can download the 420 standard supplier catalogs and upload their orders. " 9,400 opticians are connected to the platform, 6% more than last year; one-third places orders ", remarks Philippe Cellier, Deputy Managing Director of EEIG Eyes-Road *. Those who regularly use this service can no longer do without it. Training, via thematic webinars, is offered to opticians and manufacturers. 18 sessions gathering 150 users have already been given.

Manufacturers have two new offers: "Freedom" and "Freedom +". With the first, they can receive up to 600 electronic orders a year. The second is unlimited in number, for a participation of 0.5 euro from the 601st order. Very active on social networks, Eyes-Road continues these exchanges by opening a blog from the site www.eyes-rood.com

* 88 members, + 11% in 2015 (7 distributors, 22 software companies, 9 contact laboratories, 25 eyeglasses, 21 glassmakers, 4VPCistes)

Press relations: Dominique Cattezd.cattez@eyes-road.com
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