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Optical blog: Top of the most read articles in 2022

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The whole Eyes-Road team wishes you a happy new year 2023. As every year, the optical blog will offer you many articles and files directly or indirectly related to the activities players in the optical sector. And like every beginning of the year, we start with our Top 3 of the most popular articles during the year that has just passed.

Eye colors and heredity: How does it work?

By far the most consulted article in 2022 tells us about the color of our eyes. While we know that the color of the iris of the eye is due to genetics, we wondered about the heredity of this color, since it is not enough to look at the eyes of two parents. to determine the eyes of their child.

Indeed, the relationship between eye color and heredity appears complex. This is controlled by at least three pairs of genes : two on chromosome pair 15 and one on pair 19. The same gene has several versions called ' alleles '.

To find out more, you can read or reread our article here: Eye Color and Heredity: How does it work?

Visual health: where are we?

The second article is also our first file, the one concerning the situation of vision health at the global level . The starting point is the very worrying figures put forward by the WHO . Judge for yourself: in 2020, it is estimated that around 1.3 billion people live with some form of distant or near vision deficiency. In distance vision, 188.5 million people have mild visual impairment and 217 million moderate to severe visual impairment, while 36 million people are blind. In addition, 826 million people live with a deficiency affecting near vision. also on the causes and the necessary prevention from an early age. A file that can be coupled with that on World Sight Day.

Eye and art: such a long story!


Finally, the last step of the podium is occupied by another file, that which makes the link between the eye and its representation and art, from antiquity to our contemporaries. Alternately an enigmatic symbol or an instrument of terror and power, the eye has largely, throughout history, unleashed passions.

Long linked to religion and all that that surrounds it, it becomes the mirror of feelings , a means in paintings, photographs, films, of "reading" the soul of a protagonist , in order to know what he is thinking and what he is hiding .

A file that you can find here: Œil et Art.

The Eyes-Road optical blog, these are articles for optical professionals, but also for others! And here we go again for a new year!