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Special file: The tailor-made boom

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After ready-to-wear, it's time to gradually adopt the custom-made trend. Weary of standardized frames that they will find everywhere, customers are increasingly demanding unique glasses that stick perfectly to their desires. Panorama of all the tailor-made optical solutions that are revolutionizing the market.

Customizable glasses

This desire to stand out , frame manufacturers have understood and adapted their offers to meet this new trend. Some brands like Dilem therefore offer glasses with interchangeable faces and branches in polymer . 500 faces and 900 branches are available. Suffice to say that the possibilities are endless (450,000 combinations, it leaves you thinking …). And for those who would hesitate to face this dizzying choice, Dilem also offers an online simulator , to discover what their favorite associations look like.


But where at Dilem, it is about assembling elements already created, Zenka offers its customers to choose everything from A to Z : shape and color of the frame, but also faces to clip on glasses. It is also possible to add patterns on the clips , some of which are semi-transparent and reveal the color of the frame below, for more customization. Depending on the model, you can also choose the shape and color of the branches. What strikes Zenka is the originality of some designs , which we are sure to find no one else.

Like Dilem, the brand offers an online simulator . This one is very detailed and allows all the follies. It also indicates a lot of information about each frame and each clip (origin, material, dimensions, etc.). The assurance of making an informed choice!


3D printing

For even more customization, some brands have made the choice to embark on the unknown: 3D printing . This process, booming, is particularly suited to optics, because it allows to stick to the extreme expectations of customers . Thanks to precise measurements, the 3D frames can indeed adapt to the morphology of the faces, without any limit of form or design . Everything is now possible (or almost)!

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Some brands of glasses have already seized the vein in recent years. We can cite the example of Lissa c , a pioneer of 3D in the field of optics , who has been offering this service in all of its stores since 2014, after having tested it in one of its Parisian boutiques. Prices start at 520 €.


Then followed other brands, including Aoyama Optical France , which launched at the end of 2015 its collection of 3D printed frames . It's called "We DDD" (pronounced "We 3D"). To customize their models, customers have the choice between 9 plain colors, but also a selection of patterns . Other advantages allowed by the 3D: the frames are personalized to the measures of each one and delivered in less than 15 days, for a price of sale of 200 €. Here, the low price and the speed of execution are a marketing argument in their own right .


The ultimate customization

While Lissac and Aoyama have dedicated only one collection to 3D printing, other brands have chosen to base their concept on this innovation . This is the case of the French brand Glass Yourself . His concept? Allow each client, whether optician or individual, to draw his own glasses.

There are, of course, pairs already created, which can be ordered ready. But where the brand stands out is that it offers independent opticians, designers, or creators of glasses, clothing, or accessories to create their own frames . To do this, all they have to do is send their drawing to Glass Yourself, who will then accompany them on the whole process of creation. The brand will then send them their mounts printed in 3D. Note that this proposal is also open to individuals who could design in 3D.


And for those who would ignore this technique but still want to draw their own mount, Glass Yourself provides CAD (Computer Aided Drafting) training in its Roubaix premises, to teach students to design in 3D . The creations of budding designers can even be offered for sale on the Glass Yourself website, if the shape appeals to the brand … After being baptized by their creator!

Everything is possible thanks to the tailor-made in the optics … Especially, never again have the same glasses as his neighbor;)