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Boost in-store sales with a Web to Store app

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In recent years, we have seen the emergence of online commerce, across all fields … Often seen as an enemy of traditional trade, we will show you today that this is not necessarily true , thanks to Web to Store applications!

The Web to store application, what is it?

This is simply the link between online commerce and traditional commerce! The idea: to bring the user into a physical shop, where the conversion rate is much better, following a good online experience. Thus, the web to store application allows a control of the sales tunnel …


How it works ?

There are some typical behaviors that must be taken into account when designing the web to store application. They can be summarized in 3 points:

The pre-shopping , the phase where the user searches for information. The web to store application must then be able to answer all its questions. It's going to just be able to consult the latest collection of frames, inquire about offers, promotions, deadlines, warranties, check stocks, etc.

Location of outlets . The essential element to have on his site his facebook page and his web to store applications. Yes, if we want to bring the user to the physical store, we must allow him to locate it easily and quickly!

Web special offers . A coupon, a specific discount, … The small commercial gesture that will encourage the user to come in physical store and will strengthen its commitment to the brand.
Or make simple "click and collect": this step where the user orders and pays online and then goes to the store just to withdraw his purchase and make the necessary adjustment of his new mounts.


To go beyond the web to store application, you can also modernize your store by applying the " digital in store " that we told you about in a previous article.

So, why not an app for YOUR store this year? 🙂