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Back to the 2019 Silmo

17 octobre 2019

The 53 th edition of Silmo Paris was held from September 27 to 30. Back on a lounge growing success year after year. For this new vintage World Optics, there were 35,888 visitors, an increase of 2.5 % compared to 2018. The majority of visitors were international but the French were, of course, the rendezvous. […]

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The trend mounts of the end of 2019

5 octobre 2019

We have come full force into the autumn, the Silmo has just closed and Christmas is fast approaching. So many good reasons to take a look at the trends that accompany the optical frames at the end of 2019. Trends optical frames: the beautiful color Autumn is always a colorful season. Manufacturers are inspired by […]

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History of Optics (Part 1)

26 septembre 2019

Optics is the science of light and especially the ways in which light conveys a variety of information. It is from these fundamental principles (formation of images, propagation of light rays, nature of colors …) that all the physical and biological knowledge that will allow to understand the disorders of the vision and to take […]

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Instagram: the eldorado for eyewear

12 septembre 2019

If it's been around for a few years now, Instagram may be the social network that has evolved the most in recent months. What is more to prove in any case is its incredible propensity to become the number one network , all categories combined. A boon for the optics-eyewear sector . Yes, Instagram is […]

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Opticians: how to advise children in the shop?

30 août 2019

With the constant evolution of myopia in particular, the need for glasses intervenes more and more early. Younger, the need to renew equipment is also stronger, because the view changes rapidly. This is how the child has become a target of choice, as well as parents, to be satisfied. The child at the optician: more […]

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