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Optics in Pharmacy: an Ineluctable Mutation?

12 août 2019

For decades, before becoming independent, opticians were in pharmacies . Indeed, the wearing of glasses was then exclusively a medical device , not yet a fashion accessory ( read our record on the glasses through the ages ). Today, there are more and more corners of correction mounts in pharmacies. So, is this return to […]

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Artificial Intelligence: optical devices closer to us

31 juillet 2019

Technology allows you to fine tune customization. Customization , modeling or 3D printing , many innovations are beautiful promises for the future of the optical sector . But if there is one that pushes customization to its maximum, it is artificial intelligence . Long described in fiction as a disease of the future, today it […]

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Innovative concepts at opticians

22 juillet 2019

The search for innovation is constant among merchants. Opticians do not escape the rule, and creativity often has to give pride of place to inspiration. Let's take a quick tour of the innovative concepts of the opticians who hit us in the eye. The Innovative Concepts of Opticians: Looking for a Great Idea! The famous […]

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Optical pathologies: where are we?

11 juillet 2019

While many visual health campaigns try to warn about the constant evolution of certain optical pathologies , let's take stock of two of them, myopia and AMD. Optical pathologies: myopia rising sharply! @Pixabay [/ caption] Myopia currently affects between 20 and 30% of the world's population . It is rising sharply and could reach 50% […]

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Glasses: A Phenomenon Through the Ages

1 juillet 2019

For many years, glasses have been more than just medical devices or fashion accessories . They have crossed the time in a multitude of ways, to become unavoidable . We change glasses because it is necessary, and because we want to change our head, to be wiser or more relaxed. In short, with our glasses […]

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