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When glasses are inspired by nature

16 mai 2018

What do camellia, slate, cotton and oak have in common? Each in their own way, these natural wonders have inspired the optical industry! Whether from a technological or purely design point of view, nature is an endless source of inspiration and it would be a shame to do without it. From eco-inspiration to eco-design , […]

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Zoom on the unisex glasses

3 mai 2018

Do you know what "no-gender" is? This trend is free of gender-based codes and advocates for unisex! Toys, fashion, even cars … borders are disappearing between feminine and masculine products with this new credo that is changing markets, including that of optics. More than just a fashion, zoom on unisex glasses! No-gender: when the style […]

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Humanitarian associations: actors in the optical sector commit themselves

6 mars 2018

According to the WHO, more than 90% of people with visual impairment live in developing countries, where optical equipment is difficult to access or inaccessible. To mitigate this, the actors in the optical sector are committed! Focus on humanitarian associations that change lives: NGOs such as Lunettes Sans Frontière or Opticiens Lunetiers Sans Frontières collect […]

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Trend: the boom of glasses in vintage style

1 mars 2018

This year again, the vintage is on the page! Inspired by the trends of the interwar period or the 80s, through the 50s, retro glasses are popular and this is confirmed on every street corner and on the opticians' displays, that either solar ray or glasses. Whether inspired by collections of yesteryear, reissues or true […]

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Industrial optics: why offer a press area on your website?

19 février 2018

A real showcase for your business, your website is full of information dedicated to your customers, but have you thought about those for journalists? Your site will be the first media consulted by them when they want to learn about your offer. As the optical market is a vector of innovation and highly competitive, it […]

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