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Continuing education for opticians: a real boost?

19 août 2021
Reading time : 2 minutes

Learning a trade means training during your studies, acquiring experience in the field but also throughout your career. As we now know, participating in training has many advantages. But how do you find the time and the funding? A ready-made solution: continuing education for opticians . Continuous training of opticians: suppliers aware of the challenges […]

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When optical players get into sport

5 août 2021
Reading time : 3 minutes

Sport represents an important lever of what is called soft-power. This concept often linked to lobbying and which defines a 'soft' influence is often expressed at the marketing level. Optical players have understood this well. When we talk about sport, we think of physical and mental strength. But it also represents many values. Self-giving, solidarity, […]

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FILE Optical Marketing - When opticians demonstrate their inventiveness (part 2)

29 juillet 2021
Reading time : 5 minutes

Continuation of our dossier on great ideas in optical marketing . To inspire you, but also to find out what optical marketing is practiced in other brands and in other countries … In this second part, we look at other ways to boost customer service, but also the solidarity of the teams. Optical Marketing: values […]

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Optics by appointment or how to reinvent yourself in times of crisis

6 mai 2021
Reading time : 3 minutes

It is an understatement to say that the past year has changed the way we live and work. Since the Second World War, no event has affected the entire world population as much as the Covid-19 crisis has just done. Also, as in practically all sectors of activity, optics and eyewear has been forced to […]

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