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Sports sponsorship of optical players in 2018

13 juin 2018

Sports sponsorship is a marketing tool that combines the means used by a company to support an event, a team or an athlete! Through these partnerships, brands increase their visibility and reputation while associating their image with that of the sport concerned, in order ultimately to develop their sales. The optics sector was not mistaken. […]

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Baby glasses: what specificities?

7 juin 2018

The sight of young children is particularly sensitive ! Indeed, the eyes of these are built during their first six years. That is why it is essential to protect them and in some cases to correct the sight at the earliest. Whether they are by sight and / or solar, we take stock of the […]

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Optics: 5 advantages to propose a blog on your website

19 avril 2018

A few years ago, keeping a blog was the prerogative of Internet users who shared their thoughts, their ideas or their passions … First jeopardized by the the arrival of social networks, the blog has since evolved, has become professionalized to become an essential communication tool for any company wishing to build its online presence! […]

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Optical manufacturers: must we have a YouTube channel?

22 mars 2018

The optics industry is not immune to the YouTube surge. Many actors have already seized this channel to boost their visibility and modernize their image. But is it really necessary? What do you really gain from integrating a YouTube channel into your marketing strategy? Some elements of answer! An additional source of traffic Online video […]

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Foldable glasses: are we going?

15 mars 2018

In line with what we imagined lost forever in the meander catalogs of another time, after the return of vintage glasses , we observe a return … foldable glasses ! Amazing, minimalist, aesthetic, compact: whatever the adjectives that are dedicated to him, the folding bezel tends to redo a place in pockets and handbags in […]

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