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The Marketing Trends of Optics for 2019

13 février 2019

Who says new year says new trends! In marketing, the important thing is not to lag behind competitors, the best is even to have a time ahead. Downturn, concretization, novelties , we try to help you to see more clearly about the optical marketing trends that are emerging for 2019. Optics Marketing Trends for 2019: […]

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Label Optician Engaged and certifications: what for?

6 février 2019

Promoting its partners, whether in terms of service or quality of equipment, is Essilor's " Optician Engaged Label " approach in 2016. But what does it mean? does he really understand by "Committed Optician"? What is there behind this mark of recognition? Are there other labels or certifications on the optical market? Optician Label Engaged: […]

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Optics Market: Are we moving more and more towards luxury optics?

16 janvier 2019

Faced with the general problems of purchasing power, luxury companies have gradually given way to brands offering mid-range models on the shelves of opticians. But the markets are constantly changing, especially since the arrival of the Y generation who consume differently and proves that luxury brands have lost nothing of their superb. So, what about […]

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Wearing contact lenses: responding to objections

12 décembre 2018

Everyone has their own opinion on the issue of wearing contact lenses . Unconditionals are often willing to recommend them, while critics use many arguments not to approach them. In both cases, as a professional, it is important to respond well to the objections and misconceptions one can face … Wearing contact lenses, ideas that […]

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Fashion optical frames: our favorite models (end of year 2018)

15 novembre 2018

  The holidays are slowly approaching, as the year 2019 and with them, the new collections fall / winter are already well launched! So what are going to be, or what are the trend optical frames already for this end of the year? We take stock in this article about the favorite models of the […]

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