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Fashion optical frames: our favorite models (end of year 2018)

15 novembre 2018

  The holidays are slowly approaching, as the year 2019 and with them, the new collections fall / winter are already well launched! So what are going to be, or what are the trend optical frames already for this end of the year? We take stock in this article about the favorite models of the […]

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Opticians: discover new ideas for after-sales service

17 octobre 2018

It's no longer a secret, many companies now say that after-sales service (SAV) is an essential lever of customer satisfaction and loyalty. According to a recent study, it is even one of the main levers of income generation and profits … to say that it is difficult to miss! This is a good time to […]

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Glasses and unusual materials: extravagance or real innovations?

10 octobre 2018

Paper, cardboard, cork, marble or even seaweed, there is no limit in the manufacture of frames. Glasses with unusual materials prove that manufacturers have the resource! The reasons for these choices are many, but are these innovations really useful for the user or do they only serve to make an impression? Unusual materials: surprise while […]

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To follow: digital trends at the service of optics

26 septembre 2018

It's up to everyone to find new ideas to identify or expand their target, goals, branding. Very often, we imagine that the new marketing trends are reserved for those who have a new job or big means. However, it is clear that it is more and more easy to talk to its customers. customers, to […]

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Opticians: differentiate thanks to visagism advice

20 septembre 2018

Apart from the issues of comfort and correction, choosing a pair of glasses can be aesthetically complicated. It is well known, wearing glasses makes more serious or more extravagant, trendier or more mature. In short, the wearing of glasses contributes to your image, your pace, your emotions. Some opticians have understood and propose, to differentiate […]

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