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Optician: how to display your prices in store?

1 février 2018

Optics professionals, do you know what are the rules for displaying your prices in stores? Apart from certain sectors such as public transport, taxis or books, all stores are subject to the same rules. Check that you are in compliance with this article! Price Display: Regulation In optical shops, as in most sectors, product prices […]

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What is EDI? Opticians answer us!

5 novembre 2015

First big: we present the first micro-pavement of the SILMO ! Wandering for a few days in the corridors of the world's largest optics-eyewear trade show, the Eyes-Road team improvised itself as an on-the-ground investigator and was happy to bring in thirty opticians … The subject of this first micro-sidewalk with opticians present at SILMO […]

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The actors and the news of standardization ...

7 juillet 2015

Depuis près de 20 ans, l’Association EDI-Optique a pour objectifs de concevoir les standards nationaux et internationaux pour faciliter les échanges électroniques entre entreprises pour le secteur de l’optique mais également de promouvoir l’utilisation des échanges de données ...

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OPTO11, a standard for catalogs produced in the service of the profession

6 février 2015

After a period of experimentation, observation and acceptance of the profession, it is clear that manufacturers – contact laboratories, eyewear and glassmakers – are starting to massively produce their catalogs in the international standard OPTO11; Discover the list of these by clicking here … Historical reminder The association EDI Optique announces in 2011, the birth […]

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