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Eyes-Road launches its EDI primer!

24 septembre 2021
Reading time : 2 minutes

If EDI seems vague to you, or even if you are familiar with electronic data exchanges, here is the essential primer for all optical professionals ! ⁠ [ =] An EDI ABC: Why? Since its inception, Eyes-Road has aimed to facilitate electronic data interchange (EDI) within the entire optical community. Only here, the IDE, it […]

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FILE: Establish your optical point of sale

9 septembre 2020
Reading time : 5 minutes

For this new dossier, this time we are addressing future opticians , or those who, already in the profession, have made the choice to take the plunge and set up their own optical point of sale . The adventure promises to be exciting, but it can also be fraught with pitfalls if, like any business […]

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Industrialists: reorganization of the optical market

27 mars 2019
Reading time : 3 minutes

Faced with major international mergers or the takeover of distribution by major brands , the reorganization of the optical market is inevitable, the latter being dedicated to large changes. Reorganization of the optical market: redefining a role for industry The industrial optical sector is currently in the process of redefining its model . We mentioned […]

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Optician: how to display your prices in store?

1 février 2018
Reading time : 3 minutes

Optics professionals, do you know what are the rules for displaying your prices in stores? Apart from certain sectors such as public transport, taxis or books, all stores are subject to the same rules. Check that you are in compliance with this article! Price Display: Regulation In optical shops, as in most sectors, product prices […]

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