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Innovation: technology for disability

2 août 2018

While accessibility issues for people with disabilities in public places remain topical despite the law, some innovations have not been long in making life easier for the visually impaired. Focus on these initiatives Science Fiction Optical Technology for the Blind Second Sight has created a revolutionary retinal prosthesis system called Argus II . This is […]

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Sunglasses: focus on the latest innovations

19 juillet 2018

Fashion articles par excellence, sunglasses are often the stars of summer. Of course, they are not immune to innovations! We suggest you to discover some of them. Sunglasses that adapt to the brightness Sometimes technology works wonders, and the French startup Shetters took the opportunity to imagine some particularly innovative solar devices . Imagine glasses […]

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High-tech: video games that improve the view

30 mai 2018

It is now common knowledge that the time spent in front of screens and the muscular effort generated by video games can lead to eyestrain, headaches, or burning sensations. What is less known is that there are video games that improve the view in some cases! Improvement and stimulation of visual acuity , fight against […]

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Automatic glasses dispenser: Optician 2.0?

8 mai 2018

Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and at strategic locations: vending machines have a leading position in the retail transformation in the era of point-of-sale digitalization. True culture in Japan where we find everything in these automata, the phenomenon seems to have reached the French optical market. Focus on Eyes Corner , […]

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Anti-blue light filter: lenses too!

4 avril 2018

Whether on our smartphones or on our computers, for personal or professional reasons, today we spend an average of six hours in front of our screens! So many hours during which we are exposed to the famous blue light and its harmful effects on health. In just a few years, the anti-blue light filter has […]

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