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Bionic eye: the future?

16 mai 2019

The term bionics refers the most nostalgic of us to the science fiction series of the 60s and 70s. However, biology and electronics research is sometimes able, in real life, to work miracles. So, is the bionic eye the future for the visually impaired? Bionic eye: already promising results Let's immediately correct the term: Bionic […]

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Smart Glasses: a booming market?

16 avril 2019

In the accessories and connected objects sector, the glasses have certainly had the most painstaking start. Quickly announced, Google's Smart Glasses are stalled since 2014 now , including a price too high to take off. But the smart glasses market has a bright future ahead of him. Other behemoths have begun to develop their models, […]

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Optics and 3D printing: these brands that made the choice

19 décembre 2018

In many industries and businesses, and the world of optics is no exception, 3D printing is now at the heart of research and development . In recent years, many brands have chosen to work this way, for many reasons. Optics and 3D printing , the marriage seems on track. Overview Optics and 3D printing, endless […]

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Anti-glare glasses: a plus for driving

29 novembre 2018

Already commercially available but still relatively unknown to the general public, anti-glare glasses are essential for its safety, especially for night driving. How to present them? What are the latest innovations in the field? We try to clear you up! Contrasts of light, another danger on the road! Our eyes have the ability to adapt […]

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Innovation: augmented reality for the visually impaired

21 novembre 2018

The daily lives of people with disabilities can be continually improved. While access to people with reduced mobility is still complicated, advances in technology, with artificial intelligence and augmented reality for the visually impaired in the first place, help to meet their needs and prepare them for a less inconvenient future. Augmented reality and artificial […]

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