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Eye trauma ... Warning Danger!

23 janvier 2019

Blows, projections, dust, flying insect that nestles on the surface of the cornea … Eye trauma is uncountable . They can easily appear benign, or be quickly treated by a few injections of eye drops or drops. However, the consequences can be much more serious than it seems . Some simple precautions should also be […]

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World Sight Day: Solidarity and Awareness

10 janvier 2019

Every second Thursday in October is World Sight Day . Under the auspices of the World Health Organization (WHO), this is the way for NGOs and opticians partners to participate in awareness and mobilization related to vision health. But it is above all a real impetus of solidarity from the actors of the optical sector […]

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Eye exercises: are they really effective?

27 décembre 2018

As the eyes are constantly subjected to aggression, they inevitably suffer the consequences. Blue light, screens, pollution causing tiredness, migraines, neck pain … We now know the means to protect ourselves to the maximum against these inconveniences . There are now new ways to deal with eye strain. Yoga of the eyes, visual gymnastics, whatever […]

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New treatments for dry eye

6 décembre 2018

A true plague for nearly 10% of the population (and more than 30% of people over 50), the lack of tears has often been the subject of our blog . Beyond the recommendations to be made to limit the affliction, we note that the technological progress and the therapeutic evolutions make it possible to better […]

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Anti-glare glasses: a plus for driving

29 novembre 2018

Already commercially available but still relatively unknown to the general public, anti-glare glasses are essential for its safety, especially for night driving. How to present them? What are the latest innovations in the field? We try to clear you up! Contrasts of light, another danger on the road! Our eyes have the ability to adapt […]

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