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[Health] Red eyes: how to effectively treat?

4 octobre 2018

Having red eyes makes it easy to feel like you're in a state of intense physical fatigue. If the causes are numerous and the gravity often relative, it is necessary to attach some attention to it , under penalty of risking other afflictions, much more worrying this time. Diverse and varied origins The red eye […]

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Virtual reality headsets and eyesight: tips to follow

5 septembre 2018

Marketed since 2016, virtual reality (VR) headsets offer an extraordinary experience. With graphical performances of sometimes surprising quality, they allow the cinema, the television or the video games to reach a realism without equal. However, with all new technology, health-related questions and, in the case of these headsets, visual health issues arise. Here are some […]

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Protect your eyes during the summer: how to advise your customers?

17 juillet 2018

Summer is here and with it, the preparations for the holidays. It's the rush on sunglasses! Of course, everyone knows that wearing quality solar is the first precaution, but not only! To protect your eyes , other tips are to be prescribed. Protect your eyes with vitamin A: to strengthen the retina Overexposure to sunlight […]

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Industrialists: how to support humanitarian associations of optics?

26 juin 2018

More and more players in the optical sector are engaging in humanitarian sponsorship with charitable organizations to help them make optical equipment accessible where it is difficult, if not impossible, for 'get some. Does your company also want to embark on this philanthropic adventure ? In France or abroad, with people in situations of precariousness […]

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View and food: how to advise your customers?

19 juin 2018

Everyone knows that a healthy and varied diet is essential for the proper functioning of our body. But did you know that certain foods are beneficial to eyesight , or even help fight visual disorders like AMD ? Here are some food tips to share with your customers to maintain good visual health ! Vitamin […]

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