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Bionic eye: the future?

16 mai 2019

The term bionics refers the most nostalgic of us to the science fiction series of the 60s and 70s. However, biology and electronics research is sometimes able, in real life, to work miracles. So, is the bionic eye the future for the visually impaired? Bionic eye: already promising results Let's immediately correct the term: Bionic […]

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The Digital Companions of Optics: for a tenfold customer service!

3 avril 2019

Advances in ICTs (information and communication technologies) help to foster links between the various players in the field of optics. Focus on some " digital companions of optics " that make the difference. Digital companions from optics first to patient services The optical path is certainly one of the most provided . Go to the […]

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Stimulating babies' vision: Why and how?

20 mars 2019

It has long been thought that newborns, like some animals, were blind. On the contrary, we now know that from the seventh month of pregnancy, a child is sensitive to light . Stimulating the vision of babies is therefore beneficial, and you are given some tips to convey to your clients who may be interested […]

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The perception of colors: how does it work?

6 mars 2019

What would we be without color? Playing on our moods and our well-being, we find them a meaning, we marvel at the blue of the sky or the green mountains. But how do they reach us? We asked the question.   The perception of colors, made possible thanks to the brain! At the bottom of […]

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Humanitarian Programs of Optics Professionals

28 février 2019

Visual health is considered by the World Health Organization as one of the areas where the levers for change are the strongest. Overview of the Humanitarian Programs of Optics Humanitarian Programs of Optics: steps that are gaining momentum! On several occasions, we have highlighted on our blog the voluntary, human and social initiatives of the […]

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