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History of Optics (Part 2)

13 décembre 2019

Second part of our file on the history of optics . It's time to talk about the innovations that have followed the research of antiquity and rebirth and to mention some of the major players and companies in the field. As much as to make a point on the future of optics … A new […]

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The defects of the vision

20 novembre 2019

An estimated 2.5 billion people have an uncorrected vision problem . Others have been able to correct these defects through optics or surgery. Still others have an eye that has no defect. But with age and the screens that are popping up everywhere, our world is fertile ground for vision blemishes. If the fight against […]

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Eyewear: a sector turned towards ecology?

29 octobre 2019

Accessory that follows the modes, made from an assembly of several elements not conceived at the same place, all or partly refundable, nothing predestined the Ecological glasses to exist. However, in the small world of optics , in a global public opinion that is greatly concerned about the turn that takes certain events, we do […]

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History of Optics (Part 1)

26 septembre 2019

Optics is the science of light and especially the ways in which light conveys a variety of information. It is from these fundamental principles (formation of images, propagation of light rays, nature of colors …) that all the physical and biological knowledge that will allow to understand the disorders of the vision and to take […]

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Artificial Intelligence: optical devices closer to us

31 juillet 2019

Technology allows you to fine tune customization. Customization , modeling or 3D printing , many innovations are beautiful promises for the future of the optical sector . But if there is one that pushes customization to its maximum, it is artificial intelligence . Long described in fiction as a disease of the future, today it […]

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