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Glasses: A Phenomenon Through the Ages

1 juillet 2019

For many years, glasses have been more than just medical devices or fashion accessories . They have crossed the time in a multitude of ways, to become unavoidable . We change glasses because it is necessary, and because we want to change our head, to be wiser or more relaxed. In short, with our glasses […]

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Eye and Art: such a long history

10 juin 2019

Certainly the most intriguing part of the human body , the eye has always fascinated lovers, doctors, religious and artists. Sometimes a window or mirror of the soul, sometimes a symbol of providence, of subjectivity or authority, even of fear, our visual organ is, in the imaginary, devoted to all allegories. Finally, while many artists […]

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Dossier: The Vision of the Animals

7 mai 2019

Nature has given us an extraordinary visual device. But is this eye unique? What differentiates us visually from other animals? And above all, for what reason? It is customary, and it is natural, to start from human vision to compare it with that of other animal species. After all, for the majority of scientific studies, […]

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Smart Glasses: a booming market?

16 avril 2019

In the accessories and connected objects sector, the glasses have certainly had the most painstaking start. Quickly announced, Google's Smart Glasses are stalled since 2014 now , including a price too high to take off. But the smart glasses market has a bright future ahead of him. Other behemoths have begun to develop their models, […]

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