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Focus on the training of the school of MOF lunetiers

31 janvier 2019

The Best Worker Competition of France (MOF) is a competition of excellence, known worldwide. We had the pleasure of making an article on the MOF lunetier competition on our blog to enlighten our readers on this ultimate recognition of the profession! But how are we preparing for the competition? Which are the formations which make […]

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Optics Market: Are we moving more and more towards luxury optics?

16 janvier 2019

Faced with the general problems of purchasing power, luxury companies have gradually given way to brands offering mid-range models on the shelves of opticians. But the markets are constantly changing, especially since the arrival of the Y generation who consume differently and proves that luxury brands have lost nothing of their superb. So, what about […]

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Optics: Top 5 most read articles in 2018

3 janvier 2019

And that's it! The year 2018 has closed to make room for the last chapter of the decade 2010. All the Eyes-Road team would like to wish you a happy new year 2019, with high point, an excellent health, that it is visual or not! We hope that this new year will be rich in […]

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Optics and 3D printing: these brands that made the choice

19 décembre 2018

In many industries and businesses, and the world of optics is no exception, 3D printing is now at the heart of research and development . In recent years, many brands have chosen to work this way, for many reasons. Optics and 3D printing , the marriage seems on track. Overview Optics and 3D printing, endless […]

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New treatments for dry eye

6 décembre 2018

A true plague for nearly 10% of the population (and more than 30% of people over 50), the lack of tears has often been the subject of our blog . Beyond the recommendations to be made to limit the affliction, we note that the technological progress and the therapeutic evolutions make it possible to better […]

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