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Counsel clients after laser surgery

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Laser eye surgery has been a remarkable technological breakthrough in getting rid of vision problems. We have devoted a complete dossier to it . But this operation is not without consequences, particularly during the first days that follow. So, how do you protect your eyes after laser surgery? What can we do or not do? We give you some ideas to enlighten your customers.

Protect your eyes after an operation that is anything but trivial!

Of course, while surgery solves vision problems , it does not prevent patients from taking care of their eyes. Of course, the surgeons will give all the pre- and post-operative advice to follow so that the operation goes as well as possible. But clients who have performed it must be made aware that even after a complete recovery, it is necessary to continue to take precautions.

If this recovery is relatively short ( around 24 hours), it is necessary, in the following days, reasonably and as far as possible, to advise customers to lighten their schedule a little. For example, alcohol should be prohibited for a few days, just like too intense sports activities. Moreover, we generally recommend to wait three or four days before resuming an activity outside.

Advise protective glasses , especially for people who do DIY, whether in a professional or personal setting (in which we tend to less well equipped) can be beneficial. It is indeed necessary to avoid any external aggression. This is already true in normal times, imagine after an operation which, you know, is not trivial!

To be as clear as possible, advise your clients to do well take into account all the well-known suggestions aimed at protecting the eyes but with increased vigilance. Thus, we do not go out without a pair of sunglasses, we are very careful with blue light to avoid digital visual fatigue and we consult in case of dry eye.

These tips are very important to give, because the ease, when we no longer wear corrective glasses, could be to believe our eyes 'invincible'. However, they must be protected indefinitely.

What to do after laser surgery?

As we have seen, this type of operation requires about 24 hours of rest before regaining your visual faculties. But some activities should be avoided for several days. Other activities, on the other hand, may open up to your clients who have just had the operation. Indeed, when you have worn glasses for a very long time, approaching certain activities can be frustrating. This is the case with many sports, such as endurance, racket, combat and altitude sports.

So make it clear to your customers that this type of operation has moral consequences that can go beyond the simple fact of no longer wearing glasses. Roller coaster-type rides also take a different turn. in the long term only if you continue to take care of your visual system .