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Overcome handicap: Juliette, blind hairdresser!

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Suffering from blindness after an accident is of course one of the most painful tragedies a young adult can experience. Sometimes it also allows you to discover yourself and achieve what many thought was impossible. Discover the story of Juliette Fichaux , blind person who became a hairdresser!

Hairdresser and blind: why give up your desires?

Juliette Fichaux lives in Desvres (Hauts de France). In April 2011, when she was twenty years old, her destiny changed. Victim of a serious road accident, she becomes blind .

Faced with this tragedy, it is first necessary to go through a long period of acceptance. At the time, Juliette was an apprentice hairdresser, and many people predict that she will not be able to continue. After all, it seems logical, it seems impossible to be able to reconcile the two.

However, Juliette does not give up. As we have seen with John Bramblitt , losing sight does not mean giving up her passions.

Only four years after her accident, she decides to open her hair salon and enjoys , today with the help of an employee.

An overflowing activity


But Juliette's will does not end there. Outside of her professional time, she carries out awareness sessions for an association of guide dogs for the blind . She also took the opportunity to raise awareness of disability in schools.

Her determination also enabled her to get involved in municipal life. She decided, at the start of 2020, to be part of an opposition list for the municipal elections in her town of Desvres.

Juliette is showing anyway with great enthusiasm and proves that blindness, if it undeniably changes a life, allows you to surpass yourself and discover an undeniable will.

Discover a report on Juliette produced by France Television

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dKn-dBYJn0U [/ embed]