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Overcome the handicap: Visually impaired, Graphic designer and Skateboarder

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Caroline Vilain is from Lille. Born blind , she noticed that her eyesight improved little by little over time. Yet she will never see perfectly. His visual impairment will always be present and his vision will always be limited. Never mind, she decides to practice and make a living from her passions: skateboarding and cinema . Portrait of a determined, visually impaired woman , graphic designer and skateboarder.

To be visually impaired graphic designer skateboarder: how is it possible?

When you have a visual impairment , you tend to list the activities that you can or cannot do. At first glance, the world of images and high-risk sports fall into the second category.

But as we have seen in the case of John Bramblitt, no- seeing that he has become an artist-painter , there is no question for some people of setting limits.

Caroline Vilain has, when she is younger, two passions which will devour her: cinema and skateboarding . And from college, she decided to combine her two passions. After a few audiovisual internships, she turned to the Brussels School of Graphic Research.


On the leisure side, doctors of course advise him not to tackle dangerous activities where reflexes and vision have a major role to play. But Caroline finds that this limits her too much and she does not intend, anyway, to give up her passion for skateboarding.

Faced with her insistence, her father cracks and offers her a skateboard , even if " that didn't sound like a good idea !" She will say laughing.

When she lives with her mother, the latter decides to take her to the skate park so that she can do her scales. After having made some acquaintances, she returns there with a camera to film their exploits.

Leave to resist


In 2011, she made a trip to the United States . No need to have an exceptional view to see that cinema, graphics and skateboarding have their place!

While the doctors recommended a specialized course, she decides to manage alone and to enroll in a Community College in California and train in image techniques . At the same time, the university offers her a job as part of a film program.

Today, she still works with this university. Freelance graphic designer , she is notably responsible for editing, special effects and post-production of all the short films shot there.


Recently, she landed a few missions on projects led by Fox , Paramount or Disney . A great success and an incredible example of resilience .

You can follow Caroline on Instagram to discover her work.

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