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Second Eyes-Road Meeting of September 28, 2014 at Silmo

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On the 28th of September, at the Silmo, the Eyes-Road EEIG brought together optics professionals (press, industrials, purchasing groups, retailers, publishers, etc.) for its second meeting.

For the first time, the EEIG Eyes-Road associated with this event opticians interested and mobilized by the exchange of computer data from their stores. The following topics were addressed:

● The reminder of the development of EDI in optics,

● Lighting on the role of Eyes-Road in this development,

● Information and communication about the deployment of EDI in stores and the opportunities this opens for opticians …

To share all these points, Vincent LEPAPE, Commercial / Marketing Director of Eyes-Road is sent successively to:

● Alexandre RIVALLAIN, Director of Information Systems – Central Opticians,

● Stéphane FERAUD, General Manager – CIT Optimum,

● Benoist DE LAMOTHE, Key Account Manager, Johnson & Johnson,

● Jean-Michel RIEDWEG, Managing Director – OWP,

● Thierry PEYRAUD, Opticien Optic 2000 and President of the EDI Optique Association,

● Philippe CELLIER, Managing Director – Eyes-Road.

Find below the films of the second Rencontres (short version and long version).

[youtube id = "tMNu1C1A0Xw" width = "600" height = "370"]
[youtube = "CetZ-54kNVs" width = "600" height = "370"]

Find below the photos of the cocktail party that concluded these second Eyes-Road Meetings.

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