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Becoming Artisan-Lunetier: What Training?

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Eyewear has many other uses to help us see. They are also a reflection of our personality. To become an eyewear craftsman is to share his art, his vision of things. But how do we get it? A look at the profession and its formations

Become a craftsman eyewear: a complete profession

The eyewear does not just draw shapes that will become optical or solar mounts. It must combine creative and pragmatic minds , combine comfort and practice , find the appropriate materials.

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He is an artist, but he does not lock himself into a style. It is interested in the news of its sector , the technical and technological evolutions , and is attentive to the needs of each customer.

At the technical level, a lunetier must to master the design software (Illustrator, Photoshop …)

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So a whole range of skills that will have to be mastered, to which we must associate those related to the clientele or, sometimes, the creation

Customized training

In France, the ISO (Higher Institute of Optics) offers the opportunity to graduates of a Bac + 2 in optics, fashion, fashion design, product design, graphic design or space design , to move towards a Bachelor (Bac + 3) lunetier .

This training associates precisely all the concepts seen above, by proposing courses of conception, of artistic culture or of space design.

At present, there are two classes of about twenty students each: the first at ISO Paris , the second at Bordeaux .

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For more information, do not hesitate to visit their website. Webinars are regularly offered to present the training.

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[ =] Of course, the training of the best workers in France (MOF) is a great way to become a craftsman eyewear. It is the assurance of being prepared at best for a competition of excellence.

We have devoted several articles to the MOF lunetiers, the competition and the training .

Finally, Francophonie enthusiasts can also go abroad, in Belgium or Luxembourg, or IFAPME (Small and Medium-sized Business Training Institute) offers comprehensive training adapted to a demanding job, thanks to advanced theoretical training and practical training with professionals.

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To meet the expectations and needs of future clients, in addition to design, eyewear and optics courses, the course also offers courses in management, health and safety, biology, physics-chemistry, commerce, sales, law …

The courses take place in Liège and the training is open to young people between 16 and 23 years old . A specific admission test is for those who do not have a secondary school diploma.

The craft of a lunette craftsman necessarily requires great artistic sensitivity , combined with listening to needs and a constant desire to perfect oneself. In any case, a job of the future!