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Become an optician: what training?

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School training to become an optician is quite short: in 2 years after baccalaureate, the young graduate is ready to enter the job market. Today we make a point on training to practice the profession of optician eyewear.

The BTS: 2 years to become an optician


The BTS optician lunetier is the precious sesame to become an optician. It lasts 2 years and can be carried out in initial training (school only) or alternately (school + regular internships with a professional of optics.)

Access to the BTS is done on file and motivational interview, after obtaining the baccalaureate. It is also preferable to have a general Baccalaureate S or ES or a Baccalaureate Technology STL (sciences and techniques of laboratory), ST2D (sciences and techniques of industry and sustainable development) or STMG (sciences and technologies of the management of management).

To go further: the pro license


In case of very good record or mention at the BTS, the young graduate may choose not to become an optician right away but to pursue a study with a professional license. There are several today. For example:

  • the license pro health specialty optical trades
  • the license pro health specialty professions of optics and vision
  • the license pro health specialty optical professional

Another way in the sector: the baccalaureate pro

Not to become an optician this time, but as a salesman or workshop manager, the optical pro bin is enough. Thereafter, if the person holding this baccalaureate pro wishes, she can perform a VAE, validation of acquired experience, if it has 5 years of experience in the shop and claim the BTS level.

In short, you have understood, the paths are multiple and the opportunities interesting … Acuity summarizes even briefly in an infographic the outlets of these different courses to become an optician!


Where to train?

Some reputable schools to advise you to become an optician :

ICO – Institute and Center of Optometry in Bures-sur-Yvette (91)

ISO – Higher Institute of Optics – Throughout France (Nantes, Rennes, Marseille, Lyon, Toulouse …)

Fresnel High School – Paris

ESO – Higher School of Optics – Fougères (35)
[= ] To find a school near you, you can also do a search on the official website of ONISEP and make your wishes … as soon as possible: it's time! 😉