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DOSSIER What does it mean to be a committed optician?

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committed optician

These days, we constantly hear about commitment from professionals. It is true that, in an increasingly competitive market, a good way to stand out is above all to offer something other than a product or service. But then, would being a committed optician simply mean having new marketing ideas? Or is it a way to offer its service differently, to be based on fair values for the community to help repel the daily threats that society has to face? We talk about it in this new file.

Commitment, beware of trickery!

It is important for any business to respect its consumer. It may seem silly, and yet, behind this term "commitment sometimes hides an unnamed deception. Other terms, intended to denounce it, have emerged. Among them, greenwashing is certainly the best known practice and the It consists in demonstrating the goodwill of a company in the environmental field, while concealing the reality of things.

In French, the term greenwashing is defined as follows:

  1. the behavior of socially or environmentally harmful companies that attempt to preserve and expand their markets by portraying themselves as friends of the environment and leaders in the fight to eradicate poverty;
  2. environmental bleaching, or greenwashing;
  3. any attempt to indoctrinate customers or decision-makers into seeing polluting mega-corporations as essential to environmentally sound sustainable development;
  4. the sales pitch.

But how does this work in practice? Ademe has established a few points to help identify it:

  • pure and simple lying;
  • disproportionate promise;
  • the use of vague terms;
  • the lack of transparency, of information;
  • visuals that are too suggestive of the actual product;
  • the false eco-label (self-proclaimed and not corresponding to any standard);
  • highlighting sustainable practices unrelated to the product;
  • allegations without evidence;
  • a false exclusivity, while the company is only respecting the law.

Greenwashing is one of the threats to a professional's "commitment". You have to be very careful to avoid it. Sometimes it is simply a lack of knowledge and support that can be corrected.

Behind the commitment, values

First, it is important to choose values that correspond to us. A potential customer will choose one store over another because it is more in line with their values. The advice is: before you can, you have to want it. When you want to highlight your environmental fiber, or the well-being of your employees, or the support for NGOs related to your sector of activity, you have to take an interest, find out…[= ]

There is no point in engaging in combat just to please your peers. Even less for marketing purposes. Choosing to be a committed optician does not oblige you to commit yourself on all sides. First, because it is probably impossible. Then because everyone knows what their core business is. On the other hand, it is clearly not necessary, as we have seen above, to move towards contradictory offers which would only remove all credibility.

The committed optician must therefore, to summarize, find the issue or issues on which he wishes to engage, devote a real place to it in his daily work, and ensure the validity of his approach. If he wishes to highlight the manufacture of frames made from sustainable materials, he will have to ensure in particular the entire supply chain, as well as the social responsibility of the companies (CSR) with which he works.
[= ]

At the opticians, a lot of commitment!

For the Ecological Glasses organization, a committed optician is someone who will carry out concrete actions with pleasure, while wanting to communicate about them. Five points are essential in order to carry out responsible and ecological work for an optician:

  • waste _
  • the purchase of products
  • providers
  • energy control
  • respect for the customer

Regarding respect for the environment, many opticians have made this choice. Moreover, the entire optics sector has known pioneers in the field (Sébastien Bétand, optician, NeimO®, optical tool manufacturer, Sea2See, industrial…)

[ =]But it's not just the environment that demonstrates an optician's commitment. At Essilor, being a committed optician means being part of a network. Indeed, the Engaged Optician label highlights three points: the technology used, customer support and team training.

The “Engaged Optician” charter defines two types of commitment . You can thus be part of the standard or expert partners. The main difference between the two (apart from the color of the logos – silver or gold) lies in the ability of the optician to offer lenses using eyecode technology.

Those who engage with NGOs, participate in operations to help underprivileged populations around the world, also demonstrate an incredible commitment.

The commitment of an optician therefore does not mean being involved in all areas, but showing a willingness to move towards change. This change must be made with the aim of improving not only its working conditions, but also the condition of its fellow citizens. Nowadays, the environmental question takes on a concrete meaning. It will not be able to overshadow the other missions that a committed optician can give himself. Whether in the support and well-being of its employees, the question of medical deserts, humanitarian aid…

Everyone can therefore get involved in a way different. The key is to commit in a concrete, desired way, and to take into account a multitude of aspects in order to make your approach credible.