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FILE: Establish your optical point of sale

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For this new dossier, this time we are addressing future opticians , or those who, already in the profession, have made the choice to take the plunge and set up their own optical point of sale . The adventure promises to be exciting, but it can also be fraught with pitfalls if, like any business creation, we do not take the time to put everything on the table.

The The purpose of this file is of course to mention all the steps to be taken into account for the establishment of an optical point of sale to proceed properly. Certain stages are similar to the establishment of any business, but the optical sector still has some specificities that should not be overlooked.

Setting up an optical point of sale: why?


You can have all the reasons in the world to open an optical store. Out of passion, first of all, because optics and eyewear is a profession of challenges, craftsmanship, adaptation or innovation. Out of necessity, because opticians and eyewear have a key role in today's society.

So think: by 2050, it is estimated that one in two people will be myopic ! The aging of the population, the fight against certain pathologies, the constant research to try to improve our scientific knowledge of our vision make the optical sector an extremely promising market.

The other strong point is its competition . We tend to think that, faced with too much competition, it is difficult to make room. But it is quite the opposite. A highly competitive market will always attract investors, because it is a dynamic market.

Moreover, it is precisely this competition and this high interest rate that of optics and eyewear a sector geared towards the future and innovation . Technical and technological research is constantly evolving. In addition, the questioning is permanent. The example of the health crisis is clear proof of this.


If the optical sector is still promising, it is still important not to take lightly all the steps necessary to shape your project.
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Diploma ? Franchisee or not? The right questions to ask yourself

First of all, you should know that it is quite possible to open an optical sales store if you do not have a diploma. However, you will not be considered an optician. For this, you must of course have a BTS or a Bachelor in optics-eyewear .

If you do not have one of these diplomas, you can manage management, administrative or logistical part, but you will be obliged to employ a qualified employee for the sale of equipment.

Secondly, a choice is offered to you: should you open a franchised or independent store? Here, no preference, it is above all a personal choice.

Opening a franchise store has undeniable assets: the image of a solid brand, support, and a network efficient and experienced partners. The success of companies under the banner is also often faster than for the self-employed.

However, the entry fees to be paid to the franchisor are a non-negligible cost: between 30 and 130 000 euros depending on the network, to be added to all the costs inherent in setting up a business.

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The other disadvantage is the supervision of your activity. A franchisor will be demanding on the presentation, products, point-of-sale advertising or the situation of your store. Your independence will therefore be less obvious if you choose this path.

For all these reasons, choosing between openness and total independence remains a personal point of view. Do not hesitate to read our article on franchises to help you make this choice.

The so-called 'classic' steps for setting up a project

Once you've made your choice, it's time to meet investors , to sell your project. Present clear market research, punctuated with numbers that will tip the scales in your direction. Do not forget to include a study on everything that could serve you: catchment area, needs and categories of populations …

Your study must also mention your number d business says "slave" . That is, the minimum number to be made for your business to survive. This information is particularly effective for any negotiation with real estate developers, in order to lower your local bill.


And if you are told that there is already an optician at the place where you want to settle, it is one more argument for you. Healthy competition from a catchment area gives you extra leverage. Remember that this is not a disadvantage, on the contrary.

You will also need to choose the legal status of your business. This choice will condition several things, and in particular your own social system , your responsibility (limited or unlimited) as for the debts of the company, or the method of taxation of the company.

[ =] You will find a lot of information on legal status on the Internet. Do not hesitate to take the time to look at everything, and to take everything into account.

Finally, once all this is done, you will have to put your detailed business plan in shape at present to investors. Put your assets there and especially your financial forecast in order to convince them.

Specificities related to the sector

The profession of optician is a very regulated activity. Opticians sell medical devices, which necessarily require some specificities.


If you have a diploma, it must be registered in the ADELI directory . Indeed, all health professionals must do so, otherwise they cannot exercise. For this, you will need to put together a file to send to your Regional Health Agency.

If you do not have a diploma, you will need to set up a file for your employee , or make sure that he has done so in the past, especially 'he does not start his business with you.

You must also register with health insurance , so that your customers can be reimbursed. The health insurance organization will then provide you with an identification number.

Be sure to prepare all your files before the scheduled opening of your store, so as not to create any formalities and additional stress.

Finally, don't forget to equip yourself as well as possible to run your business. Thanks to the electronic data exchanges on Eyes-Road's secure platform, your orders, invoices and all your administrative follow-up with your suppliers will be child's play!

Here you are, you are now ready to open your optical point of sale!

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