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DOSSIER - High Tech Innovations around Optics

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At Eyes-Road, we have always been interested in technological innovations that strengthen the optical sector . If you follow us on social media, you know that we present you from time to time some well thought out inventions that need to be known. This week, we take stock of some of these optical innovations that caught our eye.

Optical innovations to improve performance

Research and development in the optical sector is not just about improving lenses or frames. A multitude of ideas are emerging from the imagination of many researchers to try to improve the daily life and performance of those who need it.

Performance, precisely, is at The heart of research at Eye Carott is what is called an eye saccade fixer . Behind this somewhat barbaric name, we discover the Binovi Touch , a device that uses sight and touch to improve visual performance .

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The first eye saccade fixer was originally invented more than 45 years ago by Harry Wayne, a pioneer in visual training. With his wife, he developed this project through his company Wayne Engineering.

In 2015, he sold his company to Eye Carrot , who decided to bring it up to date. day this device. Improving visual performance means increasing visual memory , reducing reaction times, or even improving coordination between the eyes and the hands.

In the United States, many athletes use it for their training. Basketball, hockey, baseball are some of the widely cited examples of which visual performance appears essential.

But top-level athletes are not the only ones to use the Binovi Touch . Many associations and schools use it to help young children in difficulty gain self-confidence.

Innovations to support opticians

The Covid-19 crisis has transformed the way optical professionals work. The professions of optician and ophthalmologist leave little means of respecting barrier gestures.

Thus, in June 2020, Novacel launched E-pupi , an application allowing replace the use of the pupillometer . The application allows you to easily take the gaps and heights while respecting social distancing.

Visual Clinic has developed a post-covid management tool . The app allows opticians to manage and verify all care processes with patients and staff. The goal ? Protect all players by ensuring a smooth organization throughout the customer journey.

But it is not only the health crisis that is changing the daily life and the way opticians work. Hoya Vision launched Yuniku a few years ago , a 100% tailor-made device to meet customer needs.

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Daily innovations

Advances in optics serve, first and foremost, to improve the daily lives of people, especially those with disabilities.

It is the case of Panda-Guide , a device designed to improve the autonomy of visually impaired people . We had already mentioned on several occasions this innovative tool created by a French start-up.

The company founded by Arnaud Lenglet has just recently presented a revolutionary neck strap. This allows you to analyze the person's environment in order to avoid possible obstacles in their path.

[Embed] https: // www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-kVWGmy2zk[/embed]

Finally, in a category more "everyday product" optical innovations, there is no shortage of you talk about Vüboks , the daily lens dispenser that also doubles as a storage box for frames! A design and practical article to offer to your customers!

See the video presentation of the Vüboks distributor

lenses and glasses distributor

Of course, we will not fail to offer you new optical innovations in the months to come because we are always more fond of what drives the industry!