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DOSSIER Glasses and music, a cult bond!

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As it can be the case in the cinema , glasses and music form a couple that crosses the ages and marks the spirits. We wear glasses like a fad, which corresponds quite well to musical imagery. Artists appropriate them to validate a look, even an identity. Analysis of a cult link between sound and image.

The glasses and the music, like an image need

Initially, the music is listened to on the radio. The studio recording is done live and the concerts are reserved for a privileged few. But the potential of music is quickly exported. Entertainment is a recipe and it should be opened up to as many people as possible.

As in any sector of activity, development is accompanied by a need for picture. Marketing, we would say today. Producers and artists quickly understand this. The look becomes an imponderable of success.

There is a clear need to stand out. The musician must retain his audience, amplify the phenomenon of idolatry. In the 1940s and 1950s, there was a boom in sunglasses. It's Ray-Ban madness. Glasses and music come together. But, if the accessory reinforces the new status of star, it consequently increases the distance between the artist and his audience.


He then becomes untouchable, which could, a priori, seem counterproductive for an industry that wishes to reach as many people as possible. However, the look of the artist will develop. With this need to propose a new image, glasses will play a considerable role.

Artists inseparable from their mounts

Wearing glasses would then influence the relationship with one's audience? Some are fine with it. And if they are accused of having a little ego problem, everything is assumed. Appropriating a look is not easy. It is therefore necessary to bludgeon its public with its image.


One immediately thinks of those who never take their glasses off, whether they are artists or collaborators in the world of music. We think of Polnareff, Gims, Philippe Manoeuvre, the rock journalist, inseparable from his thick dark glasses.

Without being worn continuously (there are – rare – photos of Polnareff without his glasses), glasses have recognition value for the public. Thus, some artists do not need to be continuously accompanied by their optical or solar frames to mark the spirits. Moreover, we quickly identify these musical artists by showing only the latter. Judge instead:




The glasses are therefore a phenomenon that accompanies the artist, throughout his career, much more than his clothes, his shoes, his jewelry. They remain the central element for those who have made the look an issue of their celebrity. Even more important than the music? We will not go down this path.

And the optics in all this?

Such a value cannot leave the commercial optical sector indifferent. Indeed, what better influential leader than a nationally, even globally known and recognized article? For brands, this is a godsend. The opportunity to work directly with some of them to broaden its notoriety. Wearing the glasses of his favorite musical artist, who would not go for it?

Some will even focus all their branding on their passion for music. This is the case of Vinyl Factory , an eyewear manufacturer that has made music its trademark. The description is all found. " The story of Vinyl Factory is the story of a permanent live, made of creation, inspiration, emulation, agitation, excitement, communion… everything starts with a spark, a click, waves that pass between the members of a group and a melody that takes shape, not on a score, but in a collection of glasses inspired by the world of music, cradled in a vintage atmosphere, and shaped with love and passion."

The cult link between glasses and music no longer really needs to be demonstrated. No wonder then that our connected glasses integrate the music function as a priority. This connection, whether artistic, commercial or technological, will only grow with time.

No doubt others will make it their own and we will still see glasses cults worn by equally cult musicians!