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DOSSIER - Optics in Ethical mode

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Optical players stand out through a constant search for innovation. In a sector focused on well-being, the improvement of daily life, medical advances, it cannot be otherwise. This innovation is not just a product or production innovation. It must also be in step with the times, with the fight against inequalities at the forefront. At the start of the decade deeply marked by the Covid-19 pandemic, solidarity is one of the key words. In optics, ethics is not in vain.

The ethical perspective: professional equality in sight

Professional equality has long been on the table for companies in all sectors. Unfortunately, this is still not a global truth since the simple fact that it is always checked and verified proves that it is not yet systematic.

But of course it exists good students. Among them, big names in optics, such as Zeiss Vision Care . The glass giant unveiled on March 8, International Women's Rights Day, the result obtained in the 2020 index of professional equality . With a score of 93%, the company continues to improve. Since the creation of this indicator in 2018, it has never obtained less than 92%.


This equality indicator is mandatory for companies with more than 50 employees, which involves a large number of companies in the optical sector . In particular, it makes it possible to analyze gender parity by retrieving and analyzing the profile and the human resources policy.

Among the indicators monitored, we find the pay gap, promotion proposals or the distribution of promotions between men and women. A score lower than 75% obligatorily engages corrective actions to be implemented, under penalty of financial sanctions.

The president of Zeiss France, Nicolas Sériès, has also admitted that he considered parity within his company essential and does not intend to stop there. "We put gender parity at the heart of our concerns, particularly in the context of our hiring and our salary developments," he said after the publication of these results.

[= ] In the same vein, Essilor obtains a score of 94% in 2020. To continue working on professional equality, the group has also signed a company agreement to promote diversity and inclusion. The extension of paternity leave or of working time when returning from maternity leave are included in this agreement. Other adjustments are also planned concerning parenthood and parental equality. For example when setting up adoption procedures or medically assisted procreation.

Promotion of charitable and solidarity events

The quest for professional equality is not the only ethical objective. We know that many optical professionals stand out thanks to the solidarity they show. Thus, we know how many of them are working for the most disadvantaged, especially on World Vision Day or during operations aimed at raising awareness and carrying out screening in communities in need.

At the beginning of 2020, the group Listen Voir launched an operation called "Les Jours Solidaires." ”Organized in partnership with Les Restos du Cœur , these days aimed to distribute nearly 200,000 meals to people in need, until the end of winter.

listen see restaurants

An objective not only achieved, but largely exceeded since almost double the meals, 350,000, which were distributed between January 18 and February 28 . It was a great opportunity to involve customers in this process. In fact, for any purchase of hearing or visual equipment, it was possible to offer two meals at Restos du Cœur.

Building on this success, the brand will continue to work with the Charity association. It will promote information and prevention campaigns with local branches.

The general manager of Écouter Voir reminded that his company was a " sign of the social economy and solidarity. "His duty is therefore just as much to" engage in the fight against precariousness ".

Social responsibility that counts

When we talk about ethics, we cannot omit Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). This concept designates the taking into account of the ethical issues of a company. The criteria of a good CSR extend to all the components of a company and concern as well the environmental issues , of which we have relayed several times, as the social issues .


Thus, well-being in business, in a sector which has more than 30,000 employees in France, is of course scrutinized. And here again, some brands stand out.

This is the case of the Krys group , which for the 8th time in a row, ranks in the Great Place To Work list of companies in 250 to 1000 employees.

In 2021, the brand reached 12th place. 73% of its employees believe that it is "really good" to work within the group. Criteria such as the capacity and the encouragement of innovations , its desire to produce in France or the cooperative status allow it to promote itself to its employees.


Above all, this 2021 award is particularly important this year. Indeed, the year which has just passed was special for employees all over the world. Despite this context of health crisis, Krys has therefore been able to meet the expectations of its employees. Both in terms of protection but also the provision of tools for the continuity of work and service, through the agility necessary for a very specific organizational context.

[= ] The Great Place To Work France program has unveiled some figures concerning Krys Group:

  • 80% of employees consider that the company is implementing the necessary actions to improve well-being at work;
  • 85% believe that the management manages the company honestly and in accordance with ethical rules;
  • 85% of them strive for innovative results;
  • 86% say they do more than what is asked of them.
  • 93% indicate that the safety conditions are met;
  • 87% are proud to participate in the common project by making their personal contribution;

We live in a world which requires the full participation of companies in societal issues. The optical sector manages to stand out admirably through important egalitarian and united approaches. The ethical perspective should be fully highlighted as these contributions are essential to the life of a society.

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