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DOSSIER Optical Marketing - When opticians demonstrate their inventiveness (part 1)

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It is often very difficult, in a well-regulated sector, to put in place actions for its customers or employees in order to stand out. In the optical sector , however, there are plenty of good ideas. Thanks to these, some players manage to gain the loyalty of their customers, their teams, or even to make people talk about them. Small zoom on the good ideas of optical marketing.

Optical Marketing: decoration and little touches

When we open an optical store , as in any sector, we often look for the idea that will be able to differentiate us from our competitors. First of all, we want our store to become a place where customers feel good, and want to come back.

For this, some opticians are putting the package on the decoration. In our Glasses & Style article: The most beautiful optical stores , we presented a panel of shops with an original and sometimes intriguing design. But others push the originality further.


Some opticians are avid art lovers. Within a city, a district, a community, it is not difficult to meet artists eager to exhibit their works. In the United States, many traders consider supporting each other in a community to be the least of things.

Californian optician Sonoma Eyeworks takes turns presenting works of art by local artists. Linda Guzzetta, founding member of the practice, interviews and selects the artists to be presented. “We donate and sponsor many artist organizations since our inception and sell pieces for artists.” Others organize concerts during the summer.

Events, excellent for getting closer to customers

Some go even further, by organizing events and transforming their shop into a veritable art gallery. Thus, once a quarter, Sight Optical , a boutique located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, sets up ' Art in Sight ', which could be translated as 'art in sight'. For one night, the store brings in a local artist and sends invitations to its customers, but also to prospects from the whole community in order to attract new customers.

Other opticians also organize parties in their store to "celebrate the optical industry", present their latest novelties, innovations in the sector, and reward their employees, like a mini optics fair.

At Gogosha Optique , special events, called 'Shop-in Shops', allow collections of selected designers to be showcased for an entire month. All inventory is temporarily emptied, and furniture and decor are altered to make way for the star designer's collection. A titanic job!

But the walls are not the only ones that need to be original. In an optical store , the stars are of course optical and sunglasses frames. Optician Providence Optical , for example, owns and displays an incredible collection of antique frames, some dating from the 19th century.

Guarantees, Children, personalized engraving: changing the idea of customer service

Discounts and loyalty cards are the only ideas you have found to retain your customers? Know that the possibilities are limitless. If you are looking for inspiration, do not hesitate to dig into other opticians who, in marketing terms, sometimes manage to outdo themselves.

Repair costs offered. In the event of the purchase of frames or lenses, the optician guarantees all damage for one year. No question of asking if the dog chewed on them or if they were negligent. Everything is changed, replaced, repaired.


Create a fundraiser for each customer. In order to reward customers who spend the most, some opticians offer 'VIP cards'. From a certain amount, 10% of the expenses are transferred to a pot that the customer can use wisely.

A playroom for children. In Vancouver, an optician greets children with a magic trick, a games room with console and pinball machine before their exam. As a bonus, it gives them a pair of sunglasses with full UV protection.

A personalized engraving. Making frames unique is also a great way to retain customers. Thus, for the purchase of a frame, some opticians offer this possibility.

Ideas, more optical marketing ideas

Immersive experience for sportsmen. Some customers need to test their devices in condition to be sure they are making the right choice. Some opticians have had the good idea of transforming a corner of their store into a gym. For example equipped with a treadmill or a climbing wall to test glasses. The idea for the wall came from an optician whose client complained that he could not see where he was stepping when he was wearing glasses. With the wall, he was able to test frames in real conditions and make the right choice.

Adapt his offer to his catchment area : an optician located very close to a university campus offers attractive offers to students. For any purchase of glasses or lenses, he offers free school supplies, but also the use of a room to eat or study in peace.

Create a client platform on its site. The 'Art of Optics' store allows its customers to consult all their medical and personal files, to pay their bills, to discover offers adapted to their needs on the website.


Return a percentage of its sales to an association or an NGO . The Optik PDX store allows its customers to choose which cause they want to support; Guide dogs, food banks, vision care, homeless people …

Offer stylistic assistance from a distance. Your client doesn't have time to come by? Offer to send you a selfie accompanied by instructions to advise him in the choice of his future frames! Very good way to be recommended and a big time saver.

Looking to get creative? Do not hesitate to take inspiration from these original optical marketing actions. In a second part, we will mention the original ideas to put in place within his team. And if you have other ideas, think about telling us about them on the networks 🤗