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What is EDI? Opticians answer us!

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First big: we present the first micro-pavement of the SILMO ! Wandering for a few days in the corridors of the world's largest optics-eyewear trade show, the Eyes-Road team improvised itself as an on-the-ground investigator and was happy to bring in thirty opticians …

The subject of this first micro-sidewalk with opticians present at SILMO and having crossed our camera:

Do you know what EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is?

Shy, confident or reckless, 75% of our optician friends have been formal: yes, EDI, they know what it is, and better yet, they know how to use it. ]
"The software that allows me to place my supplier orders on the Internet"


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Yes, EDI is now an inevitable part of the optician profession . Many of them are equipped with a recent computer system and it is de rigueur not to go through the paper catalogs to order glasses and frames in a flash! A gain of time recognized from the outset by our interviewees:

"It makes our life easier every day! "

It is said, EDI makes life easier for opticians … but also to industrialists who transfer in one place all of their catalogs and their offerings for more transparency and responsiveness from stores.

Accustomed to the order of glasses and frames, our opticians still do not mention lens controls : it is one of the fastest and most secure ways to do this, especially on IDDIC, the platform EDI of Eyes-Road .

The second topic of our sidewalk was:

Are electronic catalogs suitable for you or would you like additional information?

While most are satisfied with what the industry offers on their EDI platforms, some opticians still want more f acility and speed in their daily processes , and that is to their credit … Among the most cited, visual enhancements: opticians would like to find more images and color choices in online catalogs. They are eagerly awaiting access to even more catalogs of frames, lenses and glasses suppliers, and would love to see them all with visibility into available stocks

Anxious to provide them with an ever more complete service, we continue, every day, to make the link between shops and manufacturers! Discover all the testimonials in our second subject of the micro-sidewalk of the SILMO 2015:

To learn more, we invite you to consult our Autonomy offer on our site and to register to get your access: it's free …

A huge thank you from from the Eyes-Road team to the opticians who kindly volunteered for the microburden …

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