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Eyeglass care: advising your customers

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At first glance, it seems very obvious for most people to maintain their optical and sunglasses frames . Yet, as an optician you know better than anyone, pairs of glasses often tend to be abused. This equipment represents an obvious cost for customers, and it appears necessary to provide them with the best indications so that they are as durable as possible. We review the best tips for eyeglass care .

Why must the maintenance of glasses be irreproachable?

The first answer that comes to mind seems obvious. This is of course to extend their lifespan . The more customers take care of them, the less they will need to change them. Of course, vision changes many times over a lifetime, and deteriorates with age. But for a pair of glasses to be effective for as long as possible, it is not enough simply to have clean lenses.

maintain-his-glasses @Unsplash

It is important to tell your customers that a frame is designed for optimal comfort and safety . There are two main elements, the frame and the lenses , and these two elements are designed to be perfectly adjusted. It's not just a question of looks, it's also and above all to benefit from optimal performance.

Cleanliness of the lenses, shifting of the temples or even positioning on the face must be perfect. Insist on one point: to preserve your sight, you must have rigorously maintained glasses .

Dangerous daily actions for mounts

wear-glasses Wearing your glasses on your head is not a good idea – @Pixabay

Eyeglass care starts with how you are going to treat them, every day. It is above all a question of prohibiting certain gestures which are part of daily habits. Two glaring examples: putting your glasses on the top of your head or on the collar of your shirt.

Of course, these gestures seem harmless. However, they have several drawbacks. Arranging your glasses this way gives us the advantage of keeping them close to us, but in most cases we tend to forget it. Our movements are then determining and it is not uncommon for the glasses to fall when they are too abrupt, or when we lean forward.

[ =] glasses case

And if they do not fall, there is also a great risk of unsetting the branches or damaging the glasses , because shirt buttons like hair can cause scratches or grease the glasses.

Instead, suggest to your customers to have eyeglass cases in strategic places (bedside table, desk, in the living room) in order to deposit them safe and not having to search for several minutes.

of course, the glasses will never land on the glasses, and the glasses are manipulated mostly with two hands to avoid any disturbance.

The glasses, but not only …

Lenses must be maintained for comfort and vision but also to keep their properties intact as long as possible. Advise your customers a thorough cleaning on a regular basis. In fact, in addition to a technical problem, there is also a health problem . We know that our hands are the parts of the body most prone to germs. Like any accessory, you should therefore consider this type of cleaning:

  • Always wash your hands with soap
  • Run the frame and the lenses under lukewarm water (be careful with hot water)
  • Clean with liquid, non-greasy soap
  • Rinse off with lukewarm water
  • Leave to dry or wipe with a microfiber cloth.

Be careful however with certain materials used for the manufacture of frames: clearly indicate to your customers who prefer sensitive materials (such as wood) the products to use. It will sometimes be necessary to favor a special product and especially not to run them under water.

maintenance-glasses-wood Wooden frames require special attention – @Inboo

High heat sources are extremely dangerous for glasses. So be sure to tell your customers to keep them away from the oven, hob, fireplace …

To ensure complete cleaning and disinfection , it is possible to '' use ultrasonic cleaners for jewelry and glasses. The Swiss brand Cliris has also developed a portable and ultra-efficient cleaner to guarantee impeccable cleaning.

ultrasonic cleaner Ultrasonic cleaners, a good way to thoroughly clean your glasses! @Pixabay

And why not provide a summary sheet to help your customers take care of their frames?

If you have any other tips for eyeglass care, please let us know!