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Eye exercises: are they really effective?

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As the eyes are constantly subjected to aggression, they inevitably suffer the consequences. Blue light, screens, pollution causing tiredness, migraines, neck pain … We now know the means to protect ourselves to the maximum against these inconveniences . There are now new ways to deal with eye strain. Yoga of the eyes, visual gymnastics, whatever the name, the ocular exercises are they so effective that one wants to tell us?


Eye exercises: some recognized benefits …

In the 1920s, an American ophthalmologist, William Bates, decided to develop exercises to improve vision . Yes, he felt he was not only able to prevent eyestrain, but also reduce myopia and presbyopia.

So it's reasonable to ask if these "yoga" sessions are really good for our eyes.
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The objectives of this gymnastics are more simply to tone and soften the muscles that coordinate the eyes.

These are small exercises who do not take much more than 15 minutes a day. For example, it is to hide his eyes with the palm of his hands to put a few seconds at rest, or to move them in all directions. This would improve the flexibility but also the irrigation of the eye.

If some people may question the so-called "benefits" of such sessions, practice them in any case do not cause any danger.

We know that fatigue is quickly felt when you set your computer screen all day, and take five minutes to rest. his eyes and plunge them into darkness can not actually hurt.


… but no scientific evidence on the subject!

So far, no scientific proof will corroborate his claims.

These exercises, if they have not not yet proven effective, can in any case be relaxing for those who practice them. It is therefore mainly a question of personality, but also of our way of living, working and our experiences in terms of visual health .

Some books have been published on the subject and allow to know more about these practices.

However, it should be borne in mind that none of these exercises can replace the expertise of a professional. and even less of a correction adapted to his own view .