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Eyes-Road launches its EDI primer!

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If EDI seems vague to you, or even if you are familiar with electronic data exchanges, here is the essential primer for all optical professionals ! ⁠
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An EDI ABC: Why?

Since its inception, Eyes-Road has aimed to facilitate electronic data interchange (EDI) within the entire optical community. Only here, the IDE, it is not so easy to understand. This is why Eyes-Road is launching its EDI primer intended for optical professionals.

The primary goal is to greatly facilitate the flow of these data exchanges and especially their understanding. This alphabet book is an essential tool for all players in the optics industry, both manufacturers and opticians, whether or not they are familiar with computerized data exchange.

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It updates the standards of electronic catalogs, messages related to the logistics chain or exchanges with complementary health organizations. It also presents the legal protocols associated with it.

How to use the alphabet?

The primer is available as a paper or digital booklet. Its use is very simple and, as the name suggests, it sorts all the concepts related to IDE in alphabetical order. The terms INVOIC, IDDIC or HDS will soon have no secrets for you!

It is therefore a tool to keep close to you when venturing out on the roads from the IDE!

Where to find it?

The EDI primer by Eyes-Road is downloadable in digital version from our website . A print and kindle version is available on Amazon .