Eyes-Road, a major stakeholder of EDI in optics …

From the start, Eyes-Road has focused on facilitating Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) within the entire optics community.

With its secure exchange platform, the Eyes-Road organizes and provides the data exchange between optics and opticians.

Contact lens laboratories, frames manufacturers, and optical lens manufacturers can deliver their catalogs and delivery to retail chains and central buying groups. Opticians, from their software store, can download catalogs, issue purchase orders, and receive dematerialized documents from their suppliers.

Eyes-Road, an EEIG …

With Eyes-Road's strong position in the service of the entire industry, the assembly of these stakeholders is a single entity is naturally organized through the implementation of an Economic Interest Grouping (EIG).

This article is only for the purpose of providing information on the subject. By opening itself to European stakeholders, the EIG is transformed into a European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG).

Eyes-Road's members are happy with it via its EEIG. The reliability and security of computer data transmitted by members of various sizes, means, equipment and resources, is renowned by its users.

Everyone who uses the Eyes-Road platform benefits from a high-performance data transmission tool with the EDI Optical Association .

The growth in the number of its "members / customers", the growth in transactions, and the expansion of the service offered by Eyes-Road EEIG.

Eyes-Road, in dates and figures …