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Opticians: how to retain your customers?

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65% of glasses wearers are faithful to the same optician. A rate that tends to decline over the years, especially as customers can now turn to online commerce. It is therefore essential for opticians to use loyalty techniques. Overview of new programs!

Retain your customers: new techniques

Until now, opticians could rely on traditional customer loyalty techniques: proximity, commercial activities, or attractiveness of collections. But with the increase of competition, new ideas are emerging and structures such as the Central Opticians (CDO), the first network of independent opticians, have seized the issue.

customer loyalty

At the end of a year of collaboration between the members of the CDO, two new customer loyalty offers were born in 2016. The card monopticien.com , which allows the holders to benefit from an insurance of two years and good purchase. All, valid only with their optician . Objective: to retain customers , of course, but also increase the frequency of renewal of their equipment. Another novelty: FidOptic , a dematerialized and tailor-made program, customizable by opticians and developed by Zerosix . It's up to you to decide what type of program, how to award points, and what rewards you offer to your customers. You can also add different modules: notifications, automated reminders and satisfaction surveys. The client receives it by SMS.

The benefits of these loyalty programs

customer loyalty

For an optician , offering his clients this type of loyalty program has many advantages:

  • Increase the frequency of bearer purchases : including stimulating them at the right time (purchase order, special offers, promo codes, etc.)
  • Create traffic : customers will move more often in store and will have more chance to acquire complementary products (solar, cleaning products, accessories, etc.)
  • Recruit new customers : thanks to the principle of sponsorship
  • Create a link with the most regular customers : you can offer them special offers or show them new arrivals in preview, for example

Loyalty: opticians too!

The technique is decidedly favored by the optics sector , since there are also loyalty programs for opticians . One can quote "We love view" , developed by the CDO. The program already covers 1,500 members and allows opticians to benefit from gift points, but also from certain referenced suppliers.

So, convinced of the interest of adopting a loyalty program? 😉