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Training opticians: what solutions to evolve?

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It is not because one is in office that one no longer needs to be trained. And this is especially true for health professionals such as opticians, owners and employees of optics. You will find opticians' solutions to stay on the page throughout their career.

Continue to train once in position

The profession of optician is constantly evolving and it is difficult to be satisfied with the skills acquired during his studies. Professionals already in position must therefore be regularly informed of developments in their business to best advise their customers. Hence the interest of vocational training.

It can also improve skills already acquired , or reactivate some knowledge that might seem distant – especially if the time of studies has passed long ago. That's why since 2013, healthcare professionals have to undergo professional training every year as part of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) . For an optician it may be useful, for example, to deepen his skills in low vision: how to advise a visually impaired customer in store, recognize his visual needs and sell him a suitable optical aid.

formation opticien

Continuous training of opticians

Continuing education is the most popular optician training solution. Not only does it keep you up to date, but it also covers many themes, whether human, technical or administrative.

formation opticien

Figures extracted from the OL Magazine survey on "Opticians and training"

The Higher Institute of Optics (ISO) , in particular, offers courses that sweep a broad spectrum of topics: basics of optics, contactology, editing, eye exam, etc. The Institute and Center of Optometry (ICO) also offers training in the form of seminars inter or intra-company on the vision of the elderly or the child and complex refraction, for example.

E-learning: why not?

For some optical professionals, it is not possible to follow a continuous training because it would force them to be absent from their store. To remedy this, there are training courses in e-learning. To follow remotely, from his computer! More and more organizations are offering this burgeoning option, which allows learners to learn at their own pace, at home or from their store. Optic 2000 , for example, proposes to follow certain training modules in e-learning version .

formation opticien

In addition to being practical, these e-learning devices are fun and make learning much less formal … Could this be the future of optical education? And you would choose which formula? 😉