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On the eve of celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2022, Eyes-Road can celebrate the progress made in the promotion and deployment of EDI in the world of optics. To share on its recent developments and its news, the EEIG Eyes-Road wishes to meet the professional press by renewing, health circumstances oblige, the remote meeting experience initiated last year.


Since September 24, l'Abécédaire designed and distributed by Eyes-Road can be downloaded free of charge from a dedicated form on the Eyes-Road site and on social networks.

This dematerialized edition is intended for all the professional actors of the optics (opticians, manufacturers, suppliers, professional press …) but also to the students related to our sector.

The educational character of a primer does not is more to be demonstrated.

"The EDI Primer by Eyes-Road" fits naturally into this perspective but it also aims to definitively demystify this awful acronym to further facilitate the deployment, use and finally the anchoring of the EDI in the optics.

The writing of this opus is the fruit of a collective work which mobilized the whole team. Each, in their specialty, has worked with their own sensitivity, experience and expertise to offer the reader the drafting of a definition that is most appropriate and most accessible to the vocabularies, expressions, titles and acronyms used in data exchanges. [ =]
The ABC's access to our entire community is, for Eyes-Road, a new logical step in its history.

Eyes-Road news
[= ] In order to continue to promote EDI and bring together the entire profession, the EEIG Eyes-Road continues to strengthen its communication:

  • The IDDIC application, developed by Eyes-Road, has since the start of 2021 become the benchmark for the storage and distribution of OPTOLPP files (200 to date).
  • The finalization by the end of the year of developments related to GDPR compliance to aim for “Eyes-Road Compliant GDPR” status.
  • The continuation of the meeting of industrial sales teams in order to be able to familiarize them more with the benefits of EDI. During these meetings, we discuss the fundamentals of EDI, the various EDI messages: catalogs, orders, sales information, delivery notices, invoices … not to mention how the platform works. Eyes-Road and the ten key points to convince opticians to use EDI.
  • The expansion of Eyes-Road's offer with the deployment of an electronic catalog design assistance service.
  • The intensification of “webinars by Eyes-Road” intended for all users of the IDDIC platform (distributors, software publishers, manufacturers and opticians).
  • Eyes-Road's ever-growing communication and visibility:
    • on social networks with more than 4,800 subscribers eager to follow our EEIG,
    • after a remarkable entry in 2020 on Instagram, the Eyes-Road account is very popular with optical professionals. Daily interaction makes it possible to gain subscribers and strengthen the quality of publications (more than 500 views on average per publication),
    • increase in the frequency of publication of our newsletters; “Ideas Exchanges” (distributed to more than 12,000 opticians) have become bimonthly and “Optics Exchanges” (distributed to 3,000 contacts at distributors, software publishers and manufacturers) are sent quarterly,
    • a tenfold increase in frequentation on the Eyes-Road blog which now includes a monthly section "files" bringing together more in-depth, rich and educational articles.

Article published on www.france-optique.com on October 1, 2021.

Press relations: Vincent Lepape – v.lepape@eyes-road.com