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Eyes-Road ever more mobilized for EDI

Article published on www.france-optique.com on June 21, 2016

Leader in the exchange of computerized data and dematerialized transactions in the optical market, the EEIG Eyes -Road thinks and acts relentlessly so that its offer meets and satisfies all optical professionals.

An offer that knows how to evolve

It was notorious since the last SILMO, Eyes-Road never stops targeting and adapting its proposals to mobilize industrialists and opticians around EDI, ideal solution for all.

The "Freedom" offer gives industrial players the possibility of distributing four annual catalogs free of charge in the appropriate format and authorizes the taking of orders or sales information in such a way fast, transparent and secure. The offer is available in "Liberté +" , for a catalog distribution and receipt of orders without limit of number, under tariff conditions perfectly studied. In addition, these solutions are backed by a technical support guaranteeing the security and the reliability of exchanges. Result: 80% of the industrialists contacted have subscribed to one or other of these offers within six months of their launch.

By the end of March 2016, 630 catalogs were available on the Eyes-Road platform. The EEIG does not stop there and continues its efforts of promotion by approaching all the manufacturers of the contactology, the lunetiers and glassmakers to enlarge as much the number of catalogs as that of the orders and information of electronic sales.
[ =] Since 2014, the community of recipients of EDI has expanded to include optical stores with the offer "Autonomy" . Totally free, it is accessible to all opticians from their store. They can download suppliers' standardized catalogs and upload their product orders safely and independently. "Autonomy" also informs them in real time of the launch of new catalogs. A proposal that allows these professionals a significant saving of time and productivity. Today, 9,800 opticians are connected to the platform and more than 50% of them download the catalogs on the IDDIC distribution platform, 35% more than in 2015, corresponding to at least two new registrations per day.

Well-designed, well-received training

Eyes-Road has designed free online training of the IDDIC platform for suppliers and opticians. Led by Denis Boixel, Technical Support Manager, these "webinars" (seminars via the web) are an undeniable success. They consist of an on-screen demonstration of distribution tools and catalog updates followed by questions and answers by chat. These training sessions around specific topics (for example "Starter" for new registrants or special development opportunities) have now become a regular meeting point for Eyes-Road users.

Communicating, an essential axis

The EEIG is keen to intensify its interactive communication, to follow developments in the sector as closely as possible and to provide the most appropriate responses.

Beyond the regular production of newsletters, "Ideas Exchange" for opticians and "Optical Exchange" for distributors, software and industrial publishers, Eyes-Road shares its news with the whole of the profession through a privileged communication axis: the "Social Eyes-Road! "On Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Viadeo. More than 1,000 professional contacts follow the news of the grouping, EDI and information about their sector.

Moreover, since the last SILMO, a blog has been posted on the website www. eyes-road.com. Place of information, exchanges, it is fed by articles and animated by the person in charge of the social networks of the EEIG; It already attracts more than 1,000 visitors a month. The blog covers many topics such as optics marketing, the optician trade, high-tech optics and of course the news of the world of optics and Eyes-Road … this so that everyone can understand, appropriate and develop computerized data exchanges.

At the end of 2015

– Eyes-Road EEIG brings together 90 optical professionals divided into 8 distributors, 25 publishers , 57 industrial
– The number of catalogs offered in EDI is 630; 7,500 catalogs distributed in the last 12 months
– 9,800 opticians are connected
– 8.1 million electronic orders are processed
– 1.25 million electronic invoices have been processed

Relationships press: Dominique Cattezd.cattez@eyes-road.com