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FrequenceOptic, "16,000 opticians connected to Eyes-Road and tutorials to optimize the EDI"

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16,000 opticians connected to Eyes-Road and tutorials to optimize the EDI

Promoter of electronic data interchange (EDI) in the optical sector, the Eyes-Road platform is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Widely used by opticians and manufacturers, it nevertheless continues to defend the common benefit of EDI for all players in the sector.

2002-2022 : a glance in the rearview mirror allows you to see all the progress made in twenty years by the Eyes-Road platform which is, by statute speaking let us recall, a European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG). Year after year, it has continued to promote electronic data interchange (EDI) with all players in the sector, gaining in reliability, audience and power with manufacturers and opticians alike. Historical Secretary General of the EEIG and still at the helm, Philippe Cellier likes to say that his “ evangelization work ” and that of successive governances* have largely borne fruit. Supporting figures, which he proudly asserts: today, Eyes-Road has nearly 300 industrial members (glassmakers, eyewear manufacturers, contactology labs, etc.) and more than 16,000 opticians are connected to the platform, including 14,000 in France.

" Over the years, we have been able to bring ever more users to EDI for a benefit and a common interest ", declared Mr. Cellier during a conference anniversary press release on October 25, exactly the day the platform was born. Now electronic orders number in the millions each year. For example, over the last twelve months (between October 2021 and September 2022), some 11 million orders have been processed by Eyes-Road. And the platform to do everything necessary to optimize its organization. “ EDI standardization in the optical sector is now mature. The whole profession is therefore in a position to use the various standards on a daily basis in the exchange of operational flows ", welcomes the spokesperson for Eyes-Road, who at the same time mentions " the essential organizational and operational evolution " of the platform in the all-digital era. Without going into details here, let us remember that three major audits were carried out in 2022 to, in particular, validate the GDPR compliance of the data exchanged on the platform but also to check and measure the quality of the Eyes-Road technical environment in the context of cybersecurity…

While the platform is enjoying growing audience success, its leaders, led by Philippe Cellier on a daily basis, continue to implement initiatives aimed at ever more education with industrialists and opticians. For both of them, the platform has, for example, posted a series of tutorials that allow users to “ gain efficiency and autonomy in accessing and distributing catalogs . We can also recall the creation a year ago of its own Abécédaire . We could also mention the active presence of the EEIG on social networks, which the profession visibly appreciates. 5,200 subscribers and followers regularly take a look at the platform's news… In short, over the past two decades, Eyes-Road has had the role of accelerating the deployment of EDI in optics. And the platform intends, tomorrow, to consolidate its central position in relations between suppliers and sellers. “ See you in twenty years! says Mr. Cellier, because Eyes-Road would see itself forty years old…

* On June 8, 2022, during its General Meeting, the members of the EEIG renewed part of the Supervisory Board with the arrival of Arnaud Devilder, France Director of Marchon Eyewear, and Thierry Loubet, Deputy CEO of Ophtalmic Compagnie. At the end of this same AGM, the members of the Supervisory Board elected their new office for a period of three years, now composed of: Ludovic Tassy (Director of Information Systems for Alain Afflelou Franchiser), Chairman of the Board Supervisory Board, Stéphane Hillairet (leader of the Reflex Group), Vice-Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Alexandre Rivallain (back office director of the CDO) Manager of the EEIG Eyes-Road and Philippe Cellier as Secretary General.

Article published on www.frequenceoptic.fr on October 27, 2022.

Press relations: Vincent Lepape – v.lepape@eyes-road.com