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Google Glass: a return of the device for optical professionals?

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If the first generation of Google Glass was taken off the market in January, the project is not dead. On the contrary, it remains active since a V2, "   Enterprise Edition "is about to see the light of day … under the project name Aura.

The Google Glass: the genesis of the project

A reminder: the Google glass are connected glasses, augmented reality, controlled by the finger and the voice. They are equipped with a camera, a microphone and internet access via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, all giving access to all Google features, from emails to GPS via the camera. Since the API has been available since 2013, many developers have been able to provide a multitude of applications targeting specific needs or needs.

Google Glass 1

A prototype has been certified by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), an essential authorization to perform large-scale tests before being placed on the market. Rumors speak of first sales in the fall, intended for professionals in the fields of health, industry and energy at first. Applications specific to these sectors are under development.

Google Glass at opticians?

The major innovation of Google Glass, now called the Aura project, is its adaptability: now the system can be attached to any type of frame, be it glasses or specific glasses like the models of protection used in lab or on construction sites.
Good news for eyeglass wearers who will also benefit from this technology!

Google Glass 2

Regarding the general public, a V3 would be in development.
Google does not want to stay in a niche but aim for a mass consumption of its connected glasses. The Italian firm Luxottica , manufacturer of frames ( Ray Ban , Oakley ) and partner of Google, would be in charge of the design in order to propose more beautiful models.

To push this will of democratization, an agreement was passed between Google and VSP Global , the largest network of opticians in the United States. Discussions are underway with ophthalmologists and opticians to introduce Google Glass in cabinets and shops. Training for opticians will be expected to sell these glasses connected.

Development leads would look at the creation of Google glass with corrective lenses and / or solar integrated … Case to be continued! ]