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High-tech: video games that improve the view

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It is now common knowledge that the time spent in front of screens and the muscular effort generated by video games can lead to eyestrain, headaches, or burning sensations. What is less known is that there are video games that improve the view in some cases! Improvement and stimulation of visual acuity , fight against amblyopia and AMD … Zoom on these video games with therapeutic virtues that are good for the eyes !

Play video games: the break is essential


Video games have been a bad eye for many years. This rightly concerning the visual evils that they can generate.

It is also for this reason that the National Association for the Improvement of the Vision (ASNAV) affiliated with PédaGoJeux : this collective works to a serene practice of the video game . Above all, the intensive use of the screens and the lack of lighting are responsible for the visual disturbances . You probably know it: it is advisable to limit the time of exposure to the video games (and the screens), to take breaks , but also to favor the natural lighting !

Examples of video games that improve eyesight

Still, did you know that there are video games that improve eyesight ? These can indeed have a beneficial effect on acuity , or even correct and improve certain visual disorders. Here are some examples of games that are good for the eyes!


Eye Gym: Exercise and Relax Your Eyes

Already ten years ago, Nintendo had published for its DS console this pioneering therapeutic video game . His goal was to work the eyes to improve vision: ocular agility, reaction time, peripheral vision, concentration … A whole program! A succession of progressive levels made it possible to favor this or that axis of progression. A "visual age" was then calculated, the goal being to look younger, of course.


Dig Rush

Edited by French video game giant Ubisoft and Amblyotech , Dig Rush is a therapeutic video game whose role is to heal amblyopia ! Thanks to a patented method using stereoscopic glasses , it allows to draw both eyes of the patient at the same time rather than one eye at a time. Awaiting approval, this tablet game should be able to be prescribed by long-term prescription by ophthalmologists. The height? The main character is a mole, animal known for his bad eyes!



If the famous brick game is already 34 years old and has been declined in hundreds of versions, it seems that it may still be relevant, and in the field of health! And for good reason, Tetris would be effective to fight against lazy eye disease: amblyopia . A Canadian study has indeed highlighted that the control of the famous bricks would work brain plasticity . The two eyes are then used in a complementary way, unlike the usual exercises that isolate the lazy eye to promote it.



Supported by public and private medical players, this virtual training platform for orthopedic rehabilitation allows practitioners to extend the exercises in the patient's home. She uses playful video games ! This platform allows for greater patient motivation , and is intended to be a convenient and effective interface between physicians and their patients.


Action video games

It has been proven several times that these significantly improve visual acuity ! Action video games turn out to be real exercises for the eyesight, and the brain: they allow an increased perception of details and contrasts, thanks to the visual concentration generated.



In clinical study, this mobile medical application is the creation of Tilak Healthcare . It is a tool that helps healthcare professionals monitor the progress of their patients' pathologies. For this, Odysight offers a digital puzzle that adapts to each : verification of visual acuity, sensitivity to contrasts, presence of metamorphopsia … The scores of the patient are sent in real time to his practitioner ! Odysight is particularly suitable for people suffering from AMD .

The screens are undoubtedly part of our daily lives and video games accompany them whatever the media: TV, telephones, consoles, computers … If they can we to be detrimental if we abuse it, why should not we take advantage of this time spent before them? Video games that improve vision could then prove to be medical tools of tomorrow!