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Opticians Stories: Ambre Garcia, Girlboss

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In the small world of optics, talent is not scarce, and opticians' stories are often astonishing. Ambre Garcia has seen his career littered with both good and bad experiences. She knew how to use them all to engage in an original entrepreneurial approach, in which innovation and surpassing oneself are the main engines. She also does not forget all the encounters that made her the optician she is today. Interview.

Opticians' stories: Ambre Garcia, a journey punctuated by encounters

Hello Amber, and thank you for answering our questions. Can you describe your career in a few words?

I obtained with just the average a BTS OL at ISO Toulouse in a work-study program in a major brand. I was reoriented from the first year by my teachers and encouraged by my first director in optics , Isabelle Pascual, a woman I will never forget, a pro in " leadership ". If I continued my studies in the world of optics, it is thanks to her.

I decided to start from this brand which had changed considerably and in which I no longer found myself. From there, with Damien Miglietta alias "the lunatic lunatic", we created our own Desire to see there in 2011. Damien had the chance, at the time, to work alongside the Lebrati family , which we warmly welcome.


Desire to see is a differentiating concept in the world of optics, which has been developing in the form of a franchise since 2017 in Mérignac, Bordeaux, Andernos, Arcachon and Toulouse with a creative workshop specific to each professional who joins it.

Today I have the "cap" of President of Groupe DYV with several companies to her credit all linked to the world of optics for the moment.

The desire to see … and to innovate

We had the opportunity to talk about the Eyes Corner concept on our blog. Can you tell us how you came up with this idea, and what is your assessment of it several years after its launch?

Eyes Corner was born out of an assault in stores. Service is what drives me as an optician , but with this bad adventure, I couldn't do it anymore. I clearly had fear in my stomach.


So I had the idea to "put myself in a box" and the concept of take – out optics was born in the form of a modern , technological vending machine made in France. The launch exceeded my expectations and the borders, large companies are and are still interested in the project.

The hardest part in this project are the locations. It works by invitation to tender. I am therefore trying to convey that it is above all a service .

The ' Grand Passage' model you mentioned has been in Gare de Nice for 3 years since September 2020 and a showcase version for opticians has been in the Désir y Voir store in Bordeaux since October 2019. I ended up with me. self-implant, "close the doors, I'm going through the window!"

These two versions are highly appreciated by the consumer. Hearing them hum "Optic to go, optic to go …" is a source of pride.

The showcase version was a real asset during the containment and allowed the service to be known. Eyes Corner is a brand that can and should be valued globally.

Opticians' stories written as a team


With Damien Miglietta, the Désir voir brand also launched the Begloo by Migloo box set . Can you tell us about this adventure?

Begloo By Migloo was born thanks to a client whom we particularly appreciate, and who challenged Damien Miglietta. She wanted pocket glasses for the restaurant. We like the challenge, so the product became a company and was presented in Dubai with great success.

Seduced by the reading box, the orders were exponential. It was also spotted and highlighted by the great chef Thierry Marx at Equiphotel , being finalist "innovation of the year in service for hotels and restaurants".

Are other innovations to be expected?

" The LAB – Creative House " opened its doors a few days ago. It is an "open-space" to imagine, innovate and create. It is the continuity and the logical continuation of what we undertake with Damien.


The goal is to bring French know-how up to date , share our experiences on entrepreneurship , modernize and breathe new life into this profession which is in great need of it. Entrepreneurship is my adrenaline rush, there are other projects to come, with the sole aim of staying focused on those that already exist.

Spontaneous communication …

Your communication, on networks in particular, does not resemble that, sometimes classic, of other optical players. Is this something that you prepare a lot in advance, or are you more of the “spontaneous” type?

I have not done any communication study and it shows especially when I push "rants". On social networks, I am like in everyday life, very spontaneous. In the world of optics , there is so much to do but I regret that some gentlemen filled with testosterone stay in their little slippers.


I don't think I'm wrong in telling you that I am self-taught on communication , I perceive popular social networks before other opticians and I surf on them, I test and I see if it takes and I go for it. Since 2011, I have been working on #desirdyvoir . I have never sponsored one of my posts, I test the algorithm on each of them and remember what works.

I do not want to pay to increase my visibility because I find it distorts the situation. It makes the DATA economy work, but in an unnatural way. I recently deleted my personal account on Instagram (which I used professionally) to devote myself to Groupe DYV accounts ( @desirdyvoir @eyescorner @lelab_house and @begloobymigloo .)

… and feminist

You also communicate a lot about women's entrepreneurship, via the hashtag #girlboss. Can you tell us more?

The DYV Group is predominantly female with 75% women. I am a feminist at heart. We can and we must do what drives us by adding up the pleasures. I had my first child at 23, but that didn't stop me from being a business owner.

I regret that society tends to hold us back, especially when you are a woman. However, I do not necessarily want to ride the wave of women who help each other. Others do it better than me on the networks. We hear a lot about all this but unfortunately not much is applied because it is difficult to implement.

But I still hope to be heard, and that's why I use the hashtag #girlboss on social media.

A promising sector but slow to evolve


How do you see the optical industry today?

There is a lot to do, but there are still a lot of refractory people with a little archaic vision. Many opticians have no new vision to improve the world of optics and I deeply regret that.

Unfortunately, the health crisis will not help matters. Passionate independent stores will find it difficult to stay in the market. It is very sad because if there are people to save from this economic crisis – and this is only my opinion – it is the people who have know-how and true values for the profession.

Maintaining an optimistic vision of the world of optics to continue to "break the rules" is the most important thing to restore customers' confidence in our profession. You have to listen to needs, not to your wallet or mutual reimbursements.

Many thanks to Ambre Garcia for answering our questions. See you soon for new optician stories!