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Industrial optics: how to improve your service?

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Many opticians now offer after-sales service . More and more elaborate, these after-sales services can include the replacement of glasses in case of breakage, the adaptation of the sight, but also more current repairs like the ultrasonic cleaning of the glasses, the tightening of a branch or the adaptation in the customer's ear. To make a difference, you have to be able to renew yourself and expand your range of services. We give you 3 tips to improve your after-sales service.

Offer additional services

This need to renew itself, some eyewear have understood. Some of them now offer their customers new services, in addition to the classic proposals for repair, replacement and cleaning of frames and lenses. The German manufacturer Rodenstock , for example, has created an option specifically dedicated to travelers: the Traveler guarantee . In the event of breakage, loss or theft of his glasses abroad, the brand undertakes to send the customer a free set of troubleshooting . It contains a pair of near-vision glasses and a pair of far vision. It will then be enough for him to bring this set back to his optician. Rodenstock also offers, on its website, a very detailed summary of the different guarantees of its customer service .

SAV industrial glasses

The industrial Zeiss has also expanded its range of services , allowing individuals to easily complete their equipment . By adding a new lens to their camera, for example. A very good idea, since in this way they buy additional Zeiss products. Unfortunately, this service is currently only available for rifle scopes and camera lenses. Why not generalize it to all products in the optics industry? It's a trail to explore!

Focus on customization

SAV industrial glasses

Another option for optical manufacturers: to offer personalized services to their customers. This is what the eyewear Rodenstock offers, including with its glasses a personalized view card . It contains all the important information about the product, which will then allow the optician to easily order new glasses in case of damage.

Offering this type of service is a very good idea, which gives teaches it a high-end image and builds trust. It is indeed very reassuring for an optician to know that he will be able to simply consult the frame view card to obtain new glasses for his clients. It can be THE detail that makes the difference!

Go to chatbots

SAV industrial glasses

Some manufacturers have even taken the turn of digital customer service and offer on their website a chat window (often bottom right), on which users can ask their questions. This is the case of Essilor . The bot is a robot that will listen to the customer's request, search the information alone, before responding to it according to a predefined scenario. Thanks to this solution, the surfer , who visits the site of the industrialist, gains in comfort , since the service gives him a very fast answer. Much more than if he had to make a phone call or send an email. Another advantage: the customer can have his answer 24/24 and does not have to wait until the next morning.

With currently more than 10 000 bots in development, this solution seems the most promising and risks well to revolutionize eyewear optics customer service. And if you put yourself in it?