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Industrial optics: why offer a press area on your website?

A real showcase for your business, your website is full of information dedicated to your customers, but have you thought about those for journalists? Your site will be the first media consulted by them when they want to learn about your offer. As the optical market is a vector of innovation and highly competitive, it is even more important to make a difference by forging a lasting relationship with the media. We explain to you why to propose a space press on your website!

A gateway to the press

The presence of a press area on your site shows that you pay attention to the press, that you are used to answering its requests and that you have information to bring to your press. areas of expertise. As at Luxottica, for example, this can be done by making available the list of media contacts within your group, with interlocutors preferred by language, country or specialty.

To guide the contacts of journalists or influencers from the world of optics, the press area can also put forward a contact form or request for visuals, products, interviews etc.

A toolbox for journalists

Offering a press room on your website guarantees you to provide reliable and up-to-date information about your business in just a few clicks . It's a real toolbox for journalists that can contain the following elements:

  • A presentation of the company , its team, its history, its values;
  • A media library containing visuals and photos of your products and your company, your logos and your graphic charter;
  • A provision of videos : clips, presentations and demonstrations of products and services, interviews of your teams …;
  • Your press releases and press kits, reflections of your activity, for free download;
  • A live update of your professional social networks (Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn …), as at Krys ;
  • An agenda highlighting your highlights: general meetings, events, trade shows and the general public, as at ProDesign Denmark .

So the question is not whether you have to offer a press space on your website (the answer is yes), but rather what information you would like to share to show your best profile to the press !