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Industrial: optimize the training of opticians on your products

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Today, most manufacturers are no longer content to sell their products to opticians, they are also thinking about how they are offered in stores. To help your prescribers to highlight your products, there are now different techniques. We review three for you!

Sales support tools

The training of opticians can take different forms: software or commercial media (brochures, websites, videos, slideshows, etc.), the aim being to help them in their marketing strategy . By simplifying as much as possible his technical speech for example, or by providing him with attractive visuals. You allow him to improve his sales techniques, but also to better understand that of your products. And everyone finds it: he, because it will boost his sales , you, because he will have the right words to highlight your brand.

This is the choice that Hoya made, with its sales support software Hoya Vision consultant . The concept ? Accompany the optician throughout his sales process, so that he best advises the customer on Hoya glasses. The brand has also created the Visibility Pack , a platform for personalization and printing of communication media: business cards, flyers, but also promotional items (umbrellas, pens, candies, etc.).


The seminars

Manufacturers can also choose to train opticians directly, by inviting them to thematic seminars, led by optics professionals . The range of possible topics is very wide: the reception of the customers in store or the communication in window, for example. The OPAL Academy of the brand OPAL , has chosen to focus this year on the vision of children . It offers a training day for opticians, which will take place in 2016 in seven cities in France. And the program is fun and interactive: animation with games, quizzes and participatory workshops.


Other brands have created specialized training in a specific area of ​​optics . One example is Techno-Lens , which offers opticians training on contact lenses. You will find the program of the different days here .


A webinar is the same principle as a seminar, but on the web ! You can bring together several trainers and give advice to opticians without having to move because everything is done via the internet, in video form. You save the costs of travel and organization of the event in different cities.


Very few optical brands have embraced the concept, which is already popular in other areas such as communication and start-ups. We still find Zeiss Microscopy , YouTube channel Zeiss, which offers videos, tutorials and webinars, unfortunately only in English at this time.

The world of optical gain much to look on the webinars, we are convinced! It is even believed that at Eyes-Road, we have already proposed several;)